Official Results - General Election 2017

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Official Results - General Election 2017

Final results of the 2017 General Election. Mayoral results city-wide and by ward, Councillor results by ward, and School Board results by combined wards.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Percentage of Votespercentage_of_votespercentage_of_votesNumberOf the votes cast, percentage for the candidate
City Wide Stations Reportingcity_wide_stations_reportingcity_wide_stations_reportingNumberNumber of city wide voting stations that have reported results
Total Ward Stationstotal_ward_stationstotal_ward_stationsNumberNumber of regular and special voting stations
Ward Stations Reportingward_stations_reportingward_stations_reportingNumberNumber of ward stations that have reported the results
IncumbentincumbentincumbentTextCandidate is the incumbent
OfficeofficeofficeTextDescription of Office Type field
WardwardwardText0 is city-wide. Wards 1-14. School wards 1-7, e.g. 1(1,2)
AcclaimedacclaimedacclaimedTextCandidate was acclaimed
Total Votestotal_votestotal_votesNumberTotal votes cast for the candidate
Candidate Namecandidate_namecandidate_nameText
Total City Wide Stationstotal_city_wide_stationstotal_city_wide_stationsNumberNumber of total city wide voting stations (includes Hospital, Mail-in/Special ballot, Travelling and Advance Voting Stations
Office Typeoffice_typeoffice_typeNumberMayor=1. Councillor=2. Public School Trustee=3. Separate School Trustee=4.
TimetimetimeCalendar dateTimestamp for these results

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