Policy Plan Boundaries

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Policy Plan Boundaries

A policy plan boundary defines the area that is covered by a policy plan document. This includes Area Redevelopment Plans (ARP), Area Structure Plans (ASP), Community Plans, Regional Policy Plans, Regional Context Studies, Intermunicipal Development Plans, Station Area Plans, Design Briefs, Special Studies and other Policy Plans.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
PLAN_TYPEplan_typeplan_typeTextType of plan
STATUSstatusstatusTextStatus of document (e.g. approved, in preparation, etc.)
MODIFIED_DTmodified_dtmodified_dtDateDate this record was last modified in the database
multipolygonmultipolygonmultipolygonMultiPolygonSpatial extents of the plan area
APP_DATEapp_dateapp_dateDateDate document was approved
NAMEnamenameTextName of document
DOC_NAMEdoc_namedoc_nameTextLink to the document

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