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River Level and Flow Monitoring Stations

River Level and Flow Monitoring Stations

This list of 18 Water Level and Flow monitoring stations along the South Saskatchewan River Basin (Bow and Elbow River watersheds) is derived from a much larger repository of sites in Alberta. Select sites upstream of Calgary as well as sites in Calgary are included. This data is collected from remote monitoring stations and therefore is not thoroughly checked for accuracy. This is intended for preliminary analytical purposes and is subject to change.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
POINTpointpointPointGeographic point (concatenated longitude and latitude)
Station Namestation_namestation_nameTextDescriptive location of monitoring station
Station Numberstation_numberstation_numberTextMonitoring station id
Ward Boundaries 2013-2017:@computed_region_p8tp_5dkv:@computed_region_p8tp_5dkvNumber
Calgary Communities:@computed_region_kxmf_bzkv:@computed_region_kxmf_bzkvNumber
City Quadrants:@computed_region_4a3i_ccfj:@computed_region_4a3i_ccfjNumber
Ward Boundaries:@computed_region_4b54_tmc4:@computed_region_4b54_tmc4Number

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