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RTM Road Network Scenarios

The Regional Transportation Model (RTM) is a computer simulation of the city and surrounding region. This file contains the road network assumptions for the 2015 Scenario from the 2015 CTP/MDP Scenario Series. This series is a time series of future forecasts that are used in transportation planning analysis. The series contains five horizons from 2015 to 2076 and includes roads classified as collector and above and does not include local roads. his data is a representation, not an exact replica, of the road network and is intended to represent the road network that Calgary Region residents may experience provided the anticipated changes in infrastructure and land use occur. For more information see the Transportation Forecasting website: Versions: 2015 Horizon: 092618; 2028 Horizon: 092618; 2039 Horizon: 101118; 2048 Horizon: 101118; 2076 Horizon: 092718.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
POSTED SPEEDposted_speed_km_hposted_speed_km_hNumber(km/h)
CLASS DESCRIPTIONclass_descriptionclass_descriptionText
NUMBER OF LANESnumber_of_lanesnumber_of_lanesNumber
TRUCK ROUTEtruck_routetruck_routeText
ROAD CLASSroad_classroad_classNumber
HORIZON YEARmodel_yearmodel_yearTextThe general timeframe that is represented.
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