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School Enrolment Data

School Enrolment Data

Annual student enrolment from ECS to Grade 12 throughout Calgary.

This data is a subset of the entire data for Alberta. The original dataset is on the Government of Alberta ( and Alberta Education website. (


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Grade 12grade_12grade_12Number
Grade 8grade_8grade_8Number
Grade 9grade_9grade_9Number
School Yearschool_yearschool_yearText
Grade 1grade_1grade_1Number
Grade 4grade_4grade_4Number
School Codeschool_codeschool_codeNumber
Grade 2grade_2grade_2Number
School Authority Categoryschool_authority_categoryschool_authority_categoryText
School Authority Nameschool_authority_nameschool_authority_nameText
School Authority Codeschool_authority_codeschool_authority_codeNumber
Grade 10grade_10grade_10Number
Grade 7grade_7grade_7Number
Grade 5grade_5grade_5Number
Grade 3grade_3grade_3Number
School Nameschool_nameschool_nameText
Grade 6grade_6grade_6Number
Grade 11grade_11grade_11Number

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