Tenancy Change Applications

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Tenancy Change Applications

Tenancy change applications are for businesses that are changing owners, with no change to the approved use within a space. If no construction is occurring and the use is not intensifying or changing, planning approvals may be completed through a tenancy change. A building permit may also be required if upgrades are necessary to comply with the Alberta Building Code.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Ward Boundaries:@computed_region_4b54_tmc4:@computed_region_4b54_tmc4Number
Ward Boundaries 2017:@computed_region_p8tp_5dkv:@computed_region_p8tp_5dkvNumber
City Quadrants:@computed_region_4a3i_ccfj:@computed_region_4a3i_ccfjNumber
LongitudelongitudelongitudeNumberThe longitude of the permit location
CommunityNamecommunitynamecommunitynameTextThe Calgary community name where the permit is located
CommunityCodecommunitycodecommunitycodeTextThe Calgary community code where the permit is located
IssuedDateissueddateissueddateCalendar dateDate the permit was issued
AppliedDateapplieddateapplieddateCalendar dateDate the permit was applied for
LatitudelatitudelatitudeNumberThe latitude of the permit location
ApplicantNameapplicantnameapplicantnameTextName of applicant or business
WardwardwardNumberThe Calgary political ward where the permit is located
StatusCurrentstatuscurrentstatuscurrentTextCurrent status of the application
PermitTypepermittypepermittypeTextType of permit
OriginalAddressoriginaladdressoriginaladdressTextThe property address associated with the application
ProposedUseproposeduseproposeduseTextBusiness use within the space
pointpointpointPointThe location of the permit
QuadrantquadrantquadrantTextThe quadrant of Calgary where the permit is located
PermitNumpermitnumpermitnumTextUnique permit identification number
Calgary Communities:@computed_region_kxmf_bzkv:@computed_region_kxmf_bzkvNumber

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