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Traffic Signals

This dataset contains the locations of traffic signals that are maintained by the City of Calgary. For more information, see


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
INT_TYPEint_typeint_typeTextThis field identifies the type of traffic signal•Traffic signal: Signalized system that manages traffic flow at an intersection.•Traffic signal T intersection: Traffic signal installed at a T intersection.•1/2 signal: Traffic signal that manages 2 directions of traffic flow.•1/4 signal: Traffic signal that manages one full direction of traffic flow and one left turn movement in the opposite direction.•Fire signal: Traffic signal that is activated by emergency services.•Overhead Flasher: Pedestrian activated crossing system consisting of overhead and/or side mounted flashing amber beacons.•Pedestrian RRFB: Pedestrian Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) is a pedestrian activated crossing system consisting of side mounted flashing beacons that flash in an irregular manner.
PEDBUTTONSpedbuttonspedbuttonsTextThis field describes whether or not the signal is equipped with pedestrian push buttons
City Quadrants:@computed_region_4a3i_ccfj:@computed_region_4a3i_ccfjNumber
Calgary Communities:@computed_region_kxmf_bzkv:@computed_region_kxmf_bzkvNumber
PED_TIMERped_timerped_timerTextThis field describes whether or not the signal is equipped with pedestrian countdown timers that show the duration of time left to finish crossing
UNITIDunitidunitidTextUnique identifier
MISTNOmistnomistnoTextAll associated traffic signal signs share this common identifier.
INSTDATEinstdateinstdateCalendar date
ACCESSIBLE_PEDESTRIAN_SIGNALaccessible_pedestrian_signalaccessible_pedestrian_signalTextThis field describes whether or not the signal has audible equipment installed to assist pedestrians with visual impairments
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