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Annual Town Gown Report Higher Education Statistics 2000 - 2021

The Town Gown reporting process derives from the 1991 Mayor's Committee on University-Community Relationships. This review takes two forms. Every year each school first submits a Town Gown Annual Report; this is then followed by a presentation to the Cambridge Planning Board. The data included here is taken from the annual reports and included in the presentations to the Planning Board


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Lesley Studentsstudents_lesleystudents_lesleyNumberTotal enrollment at Lesley University
Cambridge College GFAgfa_cambridge_collegegfa_cambridge_collegeNumberGross floor area of all taxable and non-taxable Cambridge College facilities
StaffstaffstaffNumberNon-academic employees of institutions in FTEs
Reside in Cambridgereside_in_cambridgereside_in_cambridgeNumberNumber of employed persons who reside in Cambridge
Cambridge College Studentsstudents_cambridge_collegestudents_cambridge_collegeNumberTotal enrollment at Cambridge College
Graduate Studentsgraduate_studentsgraduate_studentsNumberTotal number of students enrolled in any graduate degree program
Post-Doctoral Fellowspost_doctoral_fellowspost_doctoral_fellowsNumberTotal number of post-doctoral fellow employed by the institutions
Student Residents - Dormitorystudent_residents_dormitorystudent_residents_dormitoryNumberStudents who reside in institution-owned dormitory style housing
Student Residents - Affiliate Housingstudent_residents_affiliatestudent_residents_affiliateNumberStudents who reside in institution-owned affiliate housing
Student Residents - Off Campusstudent_residents_off_campusstudent_residents_off_campusNumberStudents who reside off campus in Cambridge
Harvard GFAgfa_harvardgfa_harvardNumberGross floor area of all taxable and non-taxable Harvard University facilities
Lesley GFAgfa_lesleygfa_lesleyNumberGross floor area of all taxable and non-taxable Lesley University facilities
Taxable Landland_taxableland_taxableNumberTotal area of taxable land owned by the institutions
Reporting YearyearyearNumberYear Town Gown Report received
FacultyfacultyfacultyNumberAcademic employees of institutions in FTEs
Undergraduate Studentsundergraduate_studentsundergraduate_studentsNumberTotal number of students enrolled in an undergraduate program
Non-Taxable Landland_non_taxableland_non_taxableNumberTotal area of non-taxable land owned by the institutions
Total Paymentstotal_paymentstotal_paymentsNumberTotal payments from the institutions to the City of Cambridge from property taxes, PILOT payments, water and sewer fees, and all other sources
All Employeesall_employeesall_employeesNumberTotal persons employed by institutions in FTEs
Harvard Studentsstudents_harvardstudents_harvardNumberTotal enrollment at Harvard University
Hult Studentsstudents_hultstudents_hultNumberTotal enrollment at Hult International School of Business
MIT Studentsstudents_mitstudents_mitNumberTotal enrollment at Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Degree Studentsdegree_studentsdegree_studentsNumberTotal enrollment in degree granting programs
Non-Degree Studentsnon_degree_studentsnon_degree_studentsNumberTotal number of students not enrolled in a degree granting program.
Hult GFAgfa_hultgfa_hultNumberGross floor area of all taxable and non-taxable Hult International School of Business facilities
MIT GFAgfa_mitgfa_mitNumberGross floor area of all taxable and non-taxable Massachusetts Institute of Technology facilities
Fiscal Yearpayments_fiscal_yearpayments_fiscal_yearTextFiscal year covered by total payments data. May not align with reporting period for institution.
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