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City Council Roll Call Votes 2016-2017

City Council Roll Call Votes 2016-2017

The dataset contains vote results for all City Council agenda items in which a roll call vote was taken, starting in January of 2016 and ending in December of 2017.

The Cambridge City Council uses two different voting methods: voice votes and roll call votes. During a voice vote, all those in favor of a motion verbally vote “yes” simultaneously, and then all those opposed vote “no” simultaneously. During a roll call vote, each Councilor votes “yes” or “no” in turn. Voice votes are more common and are not recorded in this dataset. The Council tends to rely on roll call votes for City Manager’s agenda items related to fiscal and budgetary topics (e.g., how much money to allocate to a department or program). Please read the limitations section of this metadata form to avoid misinterpretations of the data.

To learn more about Council meeting operations, please refer to the Rules of the City Council:

To learn more about the parliamentary voting procedures generally, please refer to Robert’s Rules of Order:


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Denise_Simmonsdenise_simmonsdenise_simmonsTextCouncilor Vote Result
Tim_Toomeytim_toomeytim_toomeyTextCouncilor Vote Result
VoteResultNamevoteresultnamevoteresultnameTextVote result for the specified agenda item
ResolutionIDresolutionidresolutionidNumberUnique identifier for Agenda Item
ResolutionShortTitleresolutionshorttitleresolutionshorttitleTextSummary title for the City Council agenda item
VoteAbsentvoteabsentvoteabsentNumberTotal number of Councilors absent for an agenda item
Jan_Devereuxjan_devereuxjan_devereuxTextCouncilor Vote Result
David_Maherdavid_maherdavid_maherTextCouncilor Vote Result
Craig_Kelleycraig_kelleycraig_kelleyTextCouncilor Vote Result
Dennis_Carlonedennis_carlonedennis_carloneTextCouncilor Vote Result
MeetingIDmeetingidmeetingidNumberIdentifies specific meeting
VoteYesvoteyesvoteyesNumberTotal Yay votes for the agenda item
MeetingDescriptmeetingdescriptmeetingdescriptTextMeeting type
VoteNovotenovotenoNumberTotal No votes for an agenda item
MeetingDatemeetingdatemeetingdateCalendar dateDate of the meeting
Marc_McGovernmarc_mcgovernmarc_mcgovernTextCouncilor Vote Result
Nadeem_Mazennadeem_mazennadeem_mazenTextCouncilor Vote Result
VotePresentvotepresentvotepresentNumberTotal Present votes for the agenda item.
DocumentTypeNamedocumenttypenamedocumenttypenameTextItem type
Leland_Cheungleland_cheungleland_cheungTextCouncilor Vote Result
VoteAbstainvoteabstainvoteabstainNumberTotal Abstain votes for an agenda item

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