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Computer Aided Dispatch Entries 2015- DEPRECATED

***This dataset has been deprecated. Cambridge now maintains a single Computer Aided Dispatch open dataset that includes data from multiple years, including 2015.

The Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Entries data set reflects information approved for general release by the Cambridge Police Department and the Cambridge Fire Department. All entries are inputted by dispatchers in the Emergency Communications Center (ECC). This data set does not reflect all events received by the ECC. Certain entries are not included due to concerns related to privacy, criminal investigation, or protected data. Additionally, not all entries reflect a dispatched response and some data may reflect a duplicate entry for a specific incident. This dataset does not include any first responder calls related to emergency medical services (EMS), and does not contain all police or fire entries.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
NeighborhoodIDneighborhoodidneighborhoodidTextCode for Neighborhood district
PrimaryAgencyprimaryagencyprimaryagencyTextP=Police, F=Fire
FireBoxfireboxfireboxNumberThe Fire Department divides the city into "Firebox" districts, each assigned a unique response pre-plan.
NeighborhoodneighborhoodneighborhoodTextName of Neighborhood district
LadderDistrictladderdistrictladderdistrictNumberThe Fire Department divides the city into 4 Ladder Districts, one for each of the on duty Ladder companies.
EngineDistrictenginedistrictenginedistrictNumberThe Fire Department divides the city into 8 Engine Districts, one for each of the on duty Engine companies.
PoliceRoutepoliceroutepolicerouteTextThe Police Department divides the city into 9 "routes", for events requiring a single person response.
GroupgroupgroupTextGeneral crime/fire grouping
PoliceSectorpolicesectorpolicesectorNumberThe Police Department divides the city into 5 "sectors", for events requiring a two person response.
PriorityprioritypriorityNumber1=Most critical, 2=medium, 3=least critical event
ReportingAreareportingareareportingareaNumberThe smallest geographic polygon used to determine which units are assigned to an area. Usually about the size of a city block.
DateTimeCloseddatetimecloseddatetimeclosedCalendar dateTime event no longer active in CAD system. Might include subsequent administrative or investigative period.
TypetypetypeTextInitial event as categorized by 911 call taker
1XXaddress_1xxaddress_1xxaddressTextNearest address to event. Address with 100's block house numbers.
DateTimeReceiveddatetimereceiveddatetimereceivedCalendar dateTime when entered into CAD system. Does not always reflect actual time of event.
IntersectionintersectionintersectionTextThe cross streets where an event happened, usually traffic-related.
FYgroupfygroupfygroupTextGrouping for Emergency Communications Dept. annual report summary totals
AlarmLevelalarmlevelalarmlevelNumberFire events only. Number of "Fire Alarms". The higher the number, the greater the number of responding apparatus.
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