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CPD Crash Log

List of crashes involving a motorist(s) reported to the City of Cambridge. The log also lists crashes involving a motorist(s) and a bicyclist(s) and/or a pedestrian(s). Any data or text that may identify specific persons or companies has been omitted. Data are updated most days. A more detailed dataset, updated quarterly, can be found here:

Entries involving no motorists, bicyclists or pedestrians are most commonly hit and run crashes involving unoccupied vehicle(s).


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Number of MotoristsmotoristsmotoristsNumberNumber of Motorists
Number of PedestrianspedestrianspedestriansNumberNumber of Pedestrians
Address Street Nameaddress_streetaddress_streetTextAddress street name.
Intersection Street Twointersection_street2intersection_street2TextIntersection cross street.
Neighborhood (estimated)neighborhoodneighborhoodTextEstimated neighborhood for crashes for which geocode-able address data is available.
Intersection Street Oneintersection_street1intersection_street1TextIntersection cross street.
Date TimedatetimedatetimeCalendar dateThe date and time when the crash took place.
Address Street Numberaddress_numberaddress_numberTextAddress street number.
Number of Injured IndividualsinjuriesinjuriesNumberNumber of Injured Individuals
Number of CyclistscyclistscyclistsNumberNumber of Cyclists
Hospitalizations (estimated)hospitalizationshospitalizationsNumberNumber of Injured Hospitalizations
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