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Development Log Current Edition Project Use Data 2022 Q2

The Development Log provides a record of large-scale development projects occurring in the City of Cambridge. The Log, updated on a quarterly basis, is distributed to City departments and the public to keep them posted about development progress, from permitting through construction to completion. This table includes data about each specific use found within each project. A separate Development Log table includes general project information, such as development status and statistics related to the entire project.

The Current Edition Table lists data from all developments found in the last published edition of the Log, whose status range from In Permitting to Complete in the then current calendar year. For projects completed in earlier calendar years see


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Use Typeuse_typeuse_typeTextProjects can include one or more land use types. Projects including multiple land use types will multiple records in this table.
LatLong (city)latlong_citylatlong_cityText
LatLong (address)latlong_addresslatlong_addressText
GFAgfagfaNumberTotal gross floor area (GFA) for the associated use as defined by the zoning ordinance. Other land uses may be included in the project. Other gross floor area may exist on the parcel either in existing or prospective buildings that is not included in the project.
Project StagestatusstatusTextRefers to the project stage. Options are Permitting, Permit Granted or As of Right, Building Permit Granted, and Complete. See metadata for further details.
LatLonglatlonglatlongPointLatitude and longitude used to map project location. Determined using ArcGIS.
AddressaddressaddressTextPrimary street address of project. The street address of a project may change once a land subdivision takes place or an official address is assigned by the City of Cambridge.
Street Numberstreet_numberstreet_numberText
Street Namestreet_namestreet_nameText
Year Completeyear_completeyear_completeNumberRefers to the year in which a Certificate of Occupancy is granted. If blank the project is either still in permitting or construction and is yet to receive a Certificate of Occupancy.
Police Neighborhood Regions:@computed_region_guic_hr4a:@computed_region_guic_hr4aNumber
Police Response Districts:@computed_region_v7jj_366k:@computed_region_v7jj_366kNumber
Project IDprojectidprojectidNumberRefers to a name generally used to refer to the project. Not all projects have names.
LatLong (zip)latlong_ziplatlong_zipText
LatLong (state)latlong_statelatlong_stateText
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