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Eco-Totem Broadway Bicycle Count

Eco-Totem Broadway Bicycle Count

The “Eco-Totem” counter (made by the Montreal-based company Eco-Counter) counts cyclists via in-ground loop detectors embedded under the pavement of Broadway near Kendall Square. The device displays on a monitor how many cyclists pass by, and data is transferred in 15 minute increments daily from the device to Cambridge's Open Data Portal. Funding for this project was generously provided by the Helen & William Mazer Foundation.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
TotaltotaltotalNumberThe total number of bicyclists riding through the Kendall Square area on Broadway, both eastbound and westbound.
DatedatedateCalendar dateThe date (MM-DD-YYYY) that the counts were made.
DateTimedatetimedatetimeCalendar dateThe Broadway Eco Totem tracks the number of bicycles that pass by during fifteen minute increments. Numbers in this column signify the start of each increment. This field is used as a unique ID for the data.
TimetimetimeTextThe Ecototem counts the number of bicyclists that pass by in 15 minute increments. This column indicates the starting time (HHMMSS) of each 15 minute increment.
EastboundexitsexitsNumberThe total number of bicyclists riding eastbound through Kendall Square on Broadway.
DaydaydayTextThe day of the week that the counts were made.
WestboundentriesentriesNumberThe total number of bicyclists riding westbound through Kendall Square on Broadway.

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