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Find It Cambridge Events & Programs

This dataset lists information about public programs and events offered by community-based organizations, city agencies, and educational institutions that serve people who live or work in Cambridge, MA. The information is created by the organizations that input their information into the Find It Cambridge website. This dataset includes useful information about their events and programs.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
DescriptiondescriptiondescriptionTextShort summary of opportunity
GradegradegradeTextGrade level of eligible participants
TitletitletitleTextName of the opportunity
ServiceserviceserviceTextService category tags (types of services)
OrganizationorganizationorganizationTextName of the host organization
LocationlocationlocationTextAddress where the opportunity takes place
NeighborhoodsneighborhoodsneighborhoodsTextOne or more of the 13 neighborhoods in Cambridge + “Outside Cambridge” areas that the opportunity is close to (within reasonable walking distance).
Image LinkimageimageURLPhoto of the opportunity or host organization’s logo
ContentcontentcontentTextAdditional information about the opportunity
Registration Linkregistration_linkregistration_linkURLURL to register
URL_url_urlURLURL to Find It page
AccessibilityaccessibilityaccessibilityTextWhether the opportunity offers specific kinds of accessibility (e.g. interpretation services, wheelchair access, etc.)
End Timeend_timeend_timeCalendar dateFor events, time the event ends
AgeageageTextEligible participant age range
Contact Emailcontact_emailcontact_emailTextEmail of the person you should contact with questions or to register
Contact Phonecontact_phonecontact_phoneTextPhone number of the person you should contact with questions or to register
EligibilityeligibilityeligibilityTextAdditional information about who can attend
ActivityactivityactivityTextActivity category tags (types of activities)
IDididTextThe host organization’s unique ID (connected to all of their opportunities)
Start Timestart_timestart_timeCalendar dateFor events, time the event starts
Contact Namecontact_namecontact_nameTextName of the person you should contact with questions or to register
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