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Master Addresses List

Addresses of buildings, businesses, parks, and open spaces in the City of Cambridge. This dataset contains the complete list of addresses in Cambridge, along with each address's geospatial coordinates and relevant administrative boundaries (e.g., Census block, polling district, public safety area). The dataset does not include individual apartment units.The dataset is sourced from Cambridge's master address and GIS databases. Shapefiles for this data and other Cambridge geospatial data can be found on on the City's GIS Data Dictionary at


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Census Block Group 2010census_block_group_2010census_block_group_2010TextCensus block group demographic area from the 2010 US Census.
Zip Codezip_codezip_codeTextAddress zip code
Police Sectorpolice_sectorpolice_sectorTextPolice Sectors are areas which police cars are dispatched using the computer aided dispatch (CAD) software.
Census Block ID 2010census_block_id_2010census_block_id_2010TextUnique ID for 2010 Census Blocks.
Street Sweeping Districtstreet_sweeping_districtstreet_sweeping_districtTextCity of Cambridge Department of Public Works Street Sweeping District.
Street Numberstreet_numberstreet_numberText
Police Car Routepolice_car_routepolice_car_routeTextPolice Car Routes are areas which patrol cars are dispatched.
Senate Districtsenate_districtsenate_districtTextState senate district
Census Block 2010census_block_2010census_block_2010TextCensus block demographic area from the 2010 US Census.
Commercial Districtcommercial_districtcommercial_districtTextCambridge’s compact geography and population density allows the City’s vibrant commercial districts to offer a healthy retail mix to serve residents and visitors.
Police Business Districtpolice_business_districtpolice_business_districtTextPolice Business Regions are used for response and reporting by Cambridge Public Safety
Police Neighborhoodpolice_neighborhoodpolice_neighborhoodTextPolice Neighborhood Regions are used for response and reporting by Cambridge Public Safety.
Election Precinctelection_precinctelection_precinctTextPrecinct number for elections
Election Wardelection_wardelection_wardTextWard number for elections
TypetypetypeTextAddress type. (e.g., building, park, other)
Full Addressfull_addrfull_addrTextFull street number and name
Census Tract 2010census_tract_2010census_tract_2010TextCensus tract demographic area from the 2010 US Census.
Representation Districtrepresentation_districtrepresentation_districtTextState representative district
Building IDbuilding_idbuilding_idTextUnique building ID
Election Polling Addresselection_polling_addresselection_polling_addressTextPolling address for elections
CAD Reporting Districtcad_reporting_districtcad_reporting_districtTextPublic safety computer aided dispatch reporting district
Police Walking Routepolice_walking_routepolice_walking_routeTextPolice Walking Routes are areas which officers are dispatched using the computer aided dispatch (CAD) software.
NeighborhoodneighborhoodneighborhoodTextNeighborhood planning group
MapLotmaplotmaplotTextParcel ID
Street NamestnamestnameText
Address IDaddress_idaddress_idNumberUnique address ID used for master address database and address point GIS layer. See the GIS data dictionary for more information:
  • master_addresses_list
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