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Medical Events

The Medical Events data set reflects information approved for general release by the Cambridge Police Department and the Cambridge Fire Department. All entries are inputted by dispatchers in the Emergency Communications Center (ECC). This data set does not reflect all events received by the ECC. Certain entries are not included due to concerns related to privacy, criminal investigation, or protected data. Additionally, not all entries reflect a dispatched response and some data may reflect a duplicate entry for a specific incident.

The decision for a medical incident to be coded as one of the three types is not a reflection of the importance of the call, and should not be misconstrued to mean that the dispatcher or Cambridge ECD feels that the call or caller are unimportant. We strive to provide the best possible emergency service to our constituents, and never withhold care due to classification. Within each Chief Complaint, there are rankings of severity and priority; for privacy and security reasons, we do not provide this information, but this internal ranking is often as important to the dispatcher as the category. All calls received at the Cambridge ECC are treated with the utmost care and respect.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Neighborhood Lat-Lng Location (state)neighborhood_lat_lng_location_stateneighborhood_lat_lng_location_stateText
Neighborhood Lat-Lng Location (zip)neighborhood_lat_lng_location_zipneighborhood_lat_lng_location_zipText
Neighborhood IDneighborhood_idneighborhood_idNumberCode for Neighborhood district
DateTimeCloseddatetimecloseddatetimeclosedCalendar dateTime event no longer active in CAD system. Might include subsequent administrative or investigative period.
ReportingAreareportingareareportingareaNumberThe smallest geographic polygon used to determine which units are assigned to an area. Usually about the size of a city block.
Reporting Area Lat-Lng Location (state)reporting_area_lat_lng_location_statereporting_area_lat_lng_location_stateText
Neighborhood Lat-Lng Locationneighborhood_lat_lng_locationneighborhood_lat_lng_locationPointCenter of the Neighborhood
CategorycategorycategoryTextMEDICAL CONDITIONS: Determines the severity of a call, and to bring a patient safely to the hospital. They include Chief Complaints like Headache, Abdominal Pain, Back Pain, and several others. It is the largest category. TRAUMA: Usually reported by an outside observer, rather than the person to whom the incident occurred. Typical Chief Complaints include Animal Bites, Falls, Lacerations, Motor Vehicle Accidents, and several others. TIME-LIFE SITUATION: High complexity, high priority calls. They include Chief Complaints like Breathing Problems, Choking, Lighting, Fainting, and several others.
DateTimeReceiveddatetimereceiveddatetimereceivedCalendar dateTime when entered into CAD system. Does not always reflect actual time of event.
Reporting Area Lat-Lng Locationreporting_area_lat_lng_locationreporting_area_lat_lng_locationPointCenter of the Reporting Area
Reporting Area Lat-Lng Location (address)reporting_area_lat_lng_location_addressreporting_area_lat_lng_location_addressText
Reporting Area Lat-Lng Location (city)reporting_area_lat_lng_location_cityreporting_area_lat_lng_location_cityText
Reporting Area Lat-Lng Location (zip)reporting_area_lat_lng_location_zipreporting_area_lat_lng_location_zipText
Neighborhood Lat-Lng Location (city)neighborhood_lat_lng_location_cityneighborhood_lat_lng_location_cityText
Neighborhood Lat-Lng Location (address)neighborhood_lat_lng_location_addressneighborhood_lat_lng_location_addressText
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