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State and Presidential Elections - November 6, 2012

Cambridge Election Results from the November 6, 2012 State and Presidential Election.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Race Coderace_coderace_codeNumberUsed to sort the results by race in the order they were on the ballot
RaceraceraceTextRace or office (i.e., president, senator in congress, etc). Includes district designation where applicable
CountcountcountNumberThis is the number of votes received by each candidate
CandidatecandidatecandidateTextThe name of the candidate, write-in, blank or total. A name with WI at the beginning indicates a write-in candidate who received at least 5 votes citywide and was therefore reported in the results. All other write-ins are combined as “write-in.”
Candidate Codecandidate_codecandidate_codeNumberUsed to sort the results by candidate in the order they were on the ballot
Ward Precinctward_precinctward_precinctText
Ward Precinct Codeward_precinct_codeward_precinct_codeNumberUsed to sort the results by Ward and Precinct
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