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Street Centerline

Street Centerline

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NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
LabellabellabelTextStreet name field for labels when mapping
R_Tor_tor_toNumberRight side address range 'to
StreetstreetstreetTextFull street name with street type
ZIP_Rightzip_rightzip_rightTextRight side zip code
IDididTextUnique identifier for each street segment
ToNodetonodetonodeNumberNew 'to node' number
L_Tol_tol_toNumberLeft side address range 'to'
RestrictionrestrictiorestrictioTextTruck restriction designation
R_Fromr_fromr_fromNumberRight side address range 'from'
L_Froml_froml_fromNumberLeft side address range 'from'
Street IDstreet_idstreet_idNumberStreet ID number from master address database
AliasaliasaliasTextAlternate street name
ROADWAYSroadwaysroadwaysTextDivided street designation. For full table of values, see
Street Namestreet_namstreet_namTextStreet name only
FromNodefromnodefromnodeNumberNew 'from node' number
ZIP_Leftzip_leftzip_leftTextLeft side zip code
DirectiondirectiondirectionTextOne-way designation. For full table of values, see
MajorRoadmajorroadmajorroadNumberMajor road designation.
Geometrythe_geomthe_geomMultiLineGeospatial layer geometry. The latitude and longitude data for the underlying map shapes.
Street Typestreet_typstreet_typTextStreet type

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