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Workforce Demographic Characteristics by Commuting Mode Split : 2012 - 2016

This data set provides demographic and journey to work characteristics of the Cambridge Workforce by primary mode of their journey to work. Attributes include age, presence of children, racial and ethnic minority status, vehicles available, time arriving at work, time spent traveling, and annual household income. The data set originates from a special tabulation of the American Community Survey - the 2012 - 2016 version of the Census Transportation Planning Products (CTPP). The Cambridge Workforce consist of all persons who work in Cambridge, regardless of home location.

For more information on Journey to Work data in Cambridge, please see the report Moving Forward: 2020 -


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
% of Workforceproportion_of_laborforceproportion_of_laborforceNumberPercent of Total Workforce by each Demographic.
Bike or Walkbike_or_walkbike_or_walkNumberPercent of Workforce who list either biking or walking as primary mode of transportation to work
WalkwalkwalkNumberPercent of Workforce who list walking as primary mode of transportation to work
BikebikebikeNumberPercent of Workforce who list biking as primary mode of transportation to work
Public Transitpublic_transitpublic_transitNumberPercent of Workforce who list public transit as primary mode of transportation to work
CarpoolcarpoolcarpoolNumberPercent of Workforce who list carpooling as primary mode of transportation to work
DemographicdemographicdemographicTextStatistical data about the characteristics of a population.
Work at Homework_at_homework_at_homeNumberPercent of Workforce who work from home.
Drove Alonedrove_alonedrove_aloneNumberPercent of Workforce who list driving a car alone as primary mode of transportation to work.
Other Modeother_modeother_modeNumberPercent of Workforce who list taxicab, motorcycle or other method as primary mode of transportation to work
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