AH Deaths by Educational Attainment, 2019-2020

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AH Deaths by Educational Attainment, 2019-2020

Deaths by educational attainment, race, sex, and age group for deaths occurring in the United States. Data are final for 2019 and provisional for 2020. The dataset includes annual counts of death for total deaths and for COVID-19, coded to ICD-10 code U07.1 as an underlying or multiple cause of death.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Data as ofdata_as_ofdata_as_ofCalendar date
COVID-19 Deathscovid_19_deathscovid_19_deathsNumber
Education Leveleducation_leveleducation_levelText
Race or Hispanic Originrace_or_hispanic_originrace_or_hispanic_originText
Age Groupage_groupage_groupText
Total Deathstotal_deathstotal_deathsNumber

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