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AH Provisional COVID-19 Death Counts by Quarter and County

Provisional counts of deaths involving coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) by quarter and county of residence, in the United States, 2020-2021.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Total Deathstotal_deathstotal_deathsNumberDeaths from all causes of death
Urban Rural Codeurban_rural_codeurban_rural_codeTextUrban-rural classification is based on the 2013 National Center for Health Statistics Urban-Rural Classification Scheme for Counties
FIPS Codefips_codefips_codeTextFIPS state and county code
FIPS Countyfips_countyfips_countyTextFIPS county code
FIPS Statefips_statefips_stateTextFIPS state code
State of Residencestate_of_residencestate_of_residenceTextState of Residence
QuarterquarterquarterNumberQuarter of reporting
Data As Ofdata_as_ofdata_as_ofCalendar dateAnalysis Date
County of Residencecounty_of_residencecounty_of_residenceTextCounty of Residence
COVID-19 Deathscovid_19_deathscovid_19_deathsNumberDeaths involving COVID-19 (ICD-10 code U07.1)
FootnotefootnotefootnoteTextSuppressed counts (1-9)
YearyearyearTextYear of reporting
Upstream Metadata