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Influenza Vaccination Coverage for All Ages (6+ Months)

Influenza Vaccination Coverage for All Ages (6+ Months)

• Data on influenza vaccination coverage from the National Immunization Survey-Flu (NIS-Flu) and the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) for the general population at the national, regional, and state levels by age group and race/ethnicity.

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NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Sample Sizepopulation_sample_sizepopulation_sample_sizeTextThe size of the sample surveyed to create the estimate for each vaccine/dose/geography/dimension grouping.
Estimate (%)coverage_estimatecoverage_estimateTextThe estimated vaccination coverage or percent of persons vaccinated in a particular place. Symbols used within this field indicate particular footnotes about the estimate reliability, sample size, confidence intervals, or survey methodology. For more information on the meaning of these symbols, refer to the Footnotes in the "About this Data Set" section of this view.
DimensiondimensiondimensionTextThe sociodemographic group for which estimates are calculated for each Vaccine Group. For Influenza Place of Vaccination data, this is the setting where vaccination occurred (medical, non-medical, pharmacy, or school).
FIPSfipsfipsTextThe American National Standards Institute (ANSI)’s Federal Information Processing Series code. The codes are alphabetically assigned by geographic name. States have 2-digits codes, and counties have 5-digit codes comprising of the 2-digit state code and the 3-digit county code.
Season/Survey Yearyear_seasonyear_seasonTextThe influenza season for which estimates are calculated. In the main VaxViews data set, this column is titled “Year/Season.” County-level data are reported by survey year rather than influenza season.
95% CI (%)_95_ci_95_ciTextThe 95% confidence interval of the estimate of vaccination coverage.
MonthmonthmonthNumberThe cumulative vaccination coverage by month of each influenza season. These data are not available for Influenza by Place of Vaccination.
GeographygeographygeographyTextThe name of the geography for which estimates are calculated.
VaccinevaccinevaccineTextThe name of the vaccine for which estimates are calculated. Survey respondents are periodically asked about the location where they received their influenza vaccination (medical, non-medical, pharmacy, or school settings), and these data are stored as "Influenza Place of Vaccination." In the main VaxViews data set, this column is titled “Vaccine/Exemption/Sample.”
Dimension Typedimension_typedimension_typeTextThe classification of the sociodemographic category for which estimates are calculated. For Influenza Place of Vaccination data, the Dimension Type is an age group (6 months-17 years, ≥18 years). For influenza vaccines, it is either "Race/ethnicity" or "Age."
Geography Typegeography_typegeography_typeTextThe classification (HHS Region/National, State/Local Area, County) of geographies available.
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