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NNDSS - TABLE 1AA. Poliovirus infection, nonparalytic to Psittacosis

NNDSS - TABLE 1AA. Poliovirus infection, nonparalytic to Psittacosis - 2022. In this Table, provisional cases* of notifiable diseases are displayed for United States, U.S. territories, and Non-U.S. residents.


• These are weekly cases of selected infectious national notifiable diseases, from the National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System (NNDSS). NNDSS data reported by the 50 states, New York City, the District of Columbia, and the U.S. territories are collated and published weekly as numbered tables available at Cases reported by state health departments to CDC for weekly publication are subject to ongoing revision of information and delayed reporting. Therefore, numbers listed in later weeks may reflect changes made to these counts as additional information becomes available. Case counts in the tables are presented as published each week. See also Guide to Interpreting Provisional and Finalized NNDSS Data at

• Notices, errata, and other notes are available in the Notice To Data Users page at

• The list of national notifiable infectious diseases and conditions and their national surveillance case definitions are available at This list incorporates the Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists (CSTE) position statements approved by CSTE for national surveillance.


*Case counts for reporting years 2021 and 2022 are provisional and subject to change. Cases are assigned to the reporting jurisdiction submitting the case to NNDSS, if the case's country of usual residence is the U.S., a U.S. territory, unknown, or null (i.e. country not reported); otherwise, the case is assigned to the 'Non-U.S. Residents' category. Country of usual residence is currently not reported by all jurisdictions or for all conditions. For further information on interpretation of these data, see

†Previous 52 week maximum and cumulative YTD are determined from periods of time when the condition was reportable in the jurisdiction (i.e., may be less than 52 weeks of data or incomplete YTD data).

U: Unavailable — The reporting jurisdiction was unable to send the data to CDC or CDC was unable to process the data.

-: No reported cases — The reporting jurisdiction did not submit any cases to CDC.

N: Not reportable — The disease or condition was not reportable by law, statute, or regulation in the reporting jurisdiction.

NN: Not nationally notifiable — This condition was not designated as being nationally notifiable.

NP: Nationally notifiable but not published.

NC: Not calculated — There is insufficient data available to support the calculation of this statistic.

Cum: Cumulative year-to-date counts.

Max: Maximum — Maximum case count during the previous 52 weeks.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Poliovirus infection, nonparalytic, Cum 2021†poliovirus_infection_6poliovirus_infection_6Number
Reporting Areareporting_areareporting_areaText
Poliovirus infection, nonparalytic, Cum 2021†, flagpoliovirus_infection_7poliovirus_infection_7Text
Psittacosis, Cum 2021†psittacosis_cum_2021psittacosis_cum_2021Number
Poliovirus infection, nonparalytic, Current week, flagpoliovirus_infection_1poliovirus_infection_1Text
Poliovirus infection, nonparalytic, Previous 52 weeks Max†, flagpoliovirus_infection_3poliovirus_infection_3Text
Psittacosis, Previous 52 weeks Max†psittacosis_previous_52_weekspsittacosis_previous_52_weeksNumber
Psittacosis, Previous 52 weeks Max†, flagpsittacosis_previous_52_weeks_1psittacosis_previous_52_weeks_1Text
Poliovirus infection, nonparalytic, Current weekpoliovirus_infectionpoliovirus_infectionNumber
Counties:@computed_region_skr5_azej:@computed_region_skr5_azejNumberThis column was automatically created in order to record in what polygon from the dataset 'Counties' (skr5-azej) the point in column 'tableoneaa' is located. This enables the creation of region maps (choropleths) in the visualization canvas and data lens.
States:@computed_region_hjsp_umg2:@computed_region_hjsp_umg2NumberThis column was automatically created in order to record in what polygon from the dataset 'States' (hjsp-umg2) the point in column 'tableoneaa' is located. This enables the creation of region maps (choropleths) in the visualization canvas and data lens.
Poliovirus infection, nonparalytic, Cum 2022†poliovirus_infection_4poliovirus_infection_4Number
Psittacosis, Current weekpsittacosis_current_weekpsittacosis_current_weekNumber
Psittacosis, Cum 2022†, flagpsittacosis_cum_2022_flagpsittacosis_cum_2022_flagText
MMWR Weekmmwr_weekmmwr_weekNumber
Psittacosis, Current week, flagpsittacosis_current_week_1psittacosis_current_week_1Text
Psittacosis, Cum 2021†, flagpsittacosis_cum_2021_flagpsittacosis_cum_2021_flagText
MMWR Yearmmwr_yearmmwr_yearText
Poliovirus infection, nonparalytic, Previous 52 weeks Max†poliovirus_infection_2poliovirus_infection_2Number
Psittacosis, Cum 2022†psittacosis_cum_2022psittacosis_cum_2022Number
Location 1location_1location_1Text
Location 2location_2location_2Text
Reporting Area Sortreporting_area_sortreporting_area_sortText
Poliovirus infection, nonparalytic, Cum 2022†, flagpoliovirus_infection_5poliovirus_infection_5Text
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