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Vaccination Coverage among Young Children (0-35 Months)

Vaccination Coverage among Young Children (0-35 Months)

Vaccination Coverage among Young Children (0-35 Months)

• National, regional, state, and selected local area vaccination coverage estimates for 2-year-old children by birth year and birth year cohorts from the National Immunization Survey-Child.

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NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Dimension Typedimension_typedimension_typeTextThe classification of the sociodemographic category for which estimates are calculated for each Vaccine Group. For young children, estimates are calculated by age for all birth years/cohorts except the four-year birth cohort. For the four-year birth cohort, estimates are calculated overall and by insurance coverage, urbanicity, race/ethnicity, and poverty.
DimensiondimensiondimensionTextThe sociodemographic group for which estimates are calculated. For all birth years and cohorts except the four-year birth cohort, age groups vary depending on the vaccine and dose number for which coverage is estimated as vaccines are given at different times in the first 35 months of life.
VaccinevaccinevaccineTextThe name of the vaccine for which estimates are calculated.
Geography Typegeography_typegeography_typeTextThe classification (HHS Region/National, State/Local Area) of geographies available.
Birth Year/Birth Cohortyear_seasonyear_seasonTextThe birth year, two-year birth cohort, or four-year birth cohort of children for which estimates are calculated. In the main VaxViews data set, this column is titled “Year/Season.” As child vaccinations are estimated from ages 0-35 months, the most recent data are from children born approximately three years before the data were published (i.e., data published in 2020 are for children born in 2016 and 2017).
Estimate (%)coverage_estimatecoverage_estimateTextThe estimated percent of children vaccinated. More information can be found in the "Data Sources" page at
95% CI (%)_95_ci_95_ciTextThe 95% confidence interval of the estimate of vaccination coverage.
Sample Sizepopulation_sample_sizepopulation_sample_sizeTextThe size of the sample surveyed to create the estimate for each vaccine/dose/geography/dimension grouping.
DosedosedoseTextThe dose of vaccine (≥1, ≥2, ≥3, ≥4) for which coverage is estimated.
GeographygeographygeographyTextThe name of the geography for which estimates are calculated.

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