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City of Cincinnati Department Information

City of Cincinnati Department Information

Data Description: This data set includes department names, current directors, department code, and the web URL to the departments main website and contact information. Department codes are derived from CFS and can be used to join this information with other department level data.

Data Creation: This data set is maintained and collected by OPDA

Data Created By: OPDA

Refresh Frequency: Daily

Data Dictionary: A data dictionary providing definitions of columns and attributes is available as an attachment to this dataset.

Processing: The City of Cincinnati is committed to providing the most granular and accurate data possible. In that pursuit the Office of Performance and Data Analytics facilitates standard processing to most raw data prior to publication. Processing includes but is not limited: address verification, geocoding, decoding attributes, and addition of administrative areas (i.e. Census, neighborhoods, police districts, etc.).

Data Usage: For directions on downloading and using open data please visit our How-to Guide:


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