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Advantage Financial Period Close

Advantage Financial Period Close

To ensure the timely preparation of financial statements, for both internal and external users, the financial period close should occur 5 business days after the period end. This dataset contains information from the Advantage FIN system related to when statements are posted relative to the period end.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Job End Datejob_end_datejob_end_dateCalendar dateEnd date / time of job
Job Start Datejob_start_datejob_start_dateCalendar dateStart date / time of job
Job Run Monthjob_run_monthjob_run_monthTextMonth name of job run date
Job Run Datejob_run_datejob_run_dateCalendar dateRun date of job
Agent Job IDagent_job_idagent_job_idTextID of job in scheduler
Job End Monthjob_end_monthjob_end_monthTextMonth name of job end date
Return Codereturn_codereturn_codeNumber1 = job ran successfully
Job Run Yearjob_run_yearjob_run_yearTextYear of job run date
Job Start Yearjob_start_yearjob_start_yearTextYear of job start date
Days Since First of Monthdays_since_first_of_monthdays_since_first_of_monthNumberNumber of actual days between first of month and job end date
Fiscal Yearfiscal_yearfiscal_yearTextFiscal year of accounting period being closed
Accounting Periodaccounting_periodaccounting_periodNumberNumber representing month accounting period where July = Period 1 through June = Period 12
Job End Yearjob_end_yearjob_end_yearTextYear of job end date
Previous Period Closeprevious_period_closeprevious_period_closeNumber0 = close all prior open periods; 1 = close only most recent open period (usually period 1)
Business Days Since First of Monthbusiness_days_since_firstbusiness_days_since_firstNumberNumber of business days (M-Th, excluding holidays) between first of month and job end date
Job Start Monthjob_start_monthjob_start_monthTextMonth name of job start date
Job Namejob_namejob_nameTextName of job in scheduluer

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