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Arts & Culture - AZMNH Non-Point of Sale Program Sales

Describes total number of participants in Cultural Programming Special Events and Programs at the Arizona Museum of Natural History and Mesa Grande Cultural Park. Special events and programs include: Mesa K Ready, Early Learning Network, Homeschool Science Fair, Dino Egg Hunt, Summer Camps, I Love Science Day, Pottery Workshop, Sensory Gentle Day, Museum Discovery Day, Lectures, Storytelling, and Explore More school programs. For upcoming events, please visit:


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Paid Netpaid_netpaid_netNumberChanges to amount collected
Performance Descriptionperformance_descriptionperformance_descriptionTextType of Event or Program
YearyearyearTextYear of sales
Returns Netreturns_netreturns_netNumberRefunds and returns of actual amount collected
Month Datemonth_datemonth_dateCalendar dateDate of Sales
Returns Countreturns_countreturns_countNumberRefunds and returns of actual count sold
Sold Netsold_netsold_netNumberAmount Collected
MonthmonthmonthTextMonth of sales
Net Sales Netnet_sales_netnet_sales_netNumberAmount collected by event or program
Net Sales Countnet_sales_countnet_sales_countNumberParticipation count by event or program
Paid Countpaid_countpaid_countNumberChanges to actual count sold
Sold Countsold_countsold_countNumberActual count sold
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