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CIP Budget

Listing of all financially active City project budgets and expenses from FIN’s budget structure 37 data. This data includes transactions paid by check as well as payroll transactions and transactions paid by wire or electronic draft, and the total project budget associated with projects. The dataset will be pulled once a month for Socrata, and the dataset will represent a point in time as the budget structure will be a live data set.

The data contained on this website is for informational purposes only and represents budget and expenditure transactions of the City of Mesa. The data includes check payments as well as payroll transactions and transactions paid by wire or electronic draft. The data as represented is unaudited and may contain omissions. For audited financial statements please reference the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR). Payments that are voided in a subsequent Fiscal Year may appear as a negative amount. Certain Activity assignments may change mid-year. This year-to-date information is updated monthly and represents the most current activity assignment regardless of the assignment at the time of the transaction.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Project Actualsproject_actualsproject_actualsNumberThe current accumulated expenditures for a specific project.
Program CodeprogramprogramTextThe number assigned to a program.
Major Programmajor_programmajor_programTextThe number assigned to a project.
Major Program Category Namemajor_program_category_namemajor_program_category_nameTextThe lowest level of classification of City projects. The projects assigned to each major program class are further separated into smaller groupings. Similar to the major program class, all City projects are only assigned to one of these classifications.
Major Program Namemajor_program_namemajor_program_nameTextA project the City is working on. Generally, a major program is created to capture all of the costs of creating a new or improving an existing asset before the asset is placed in service. Major programs may also track costs related to a grant awarded to the City.
Fund NamefundfundTextThe governmental segment that benefited from the transaction. For the capital dataset, we have set a default name for this as Capital Project Funding as funds are not loaded in Budget Structure 37.
Project Budgetproject_budgetproject_budgetNumberThe current project budget for the total project cost over the life of the project.
Phase Nameproject_phase_nameproject_phase_nameTextA project is split into phases which generally represent Pre-design/Design/Construction or may be split into Purchases (where no construction is involved in the acquisition of the asset).
Phase Codeproject_phaseproject_phaseNumberThe number assigned to a phase of a project.
Major Program Classmajor_program_classmajor_program_classTextThe number assigned to the major program classification.
Program Nameprogram_nameprogram_nameTextA program represents a smaller segment of a project the City is working on. For example, the project is installing a full irrigation system and each program will represent each park included in the project.
Major Program Categorymajor_program_categorymajor_program_categoryTextThe number assigned to the major program category.
Major Program Class Namemajor_program_class_namemajor_program_class_nameTextThe highest level of classification of City projects. There are currently five different classifications; General Government, Parks & Culture, Public Safety, Transportation, and Utilities. All projects are assigned to one of these classifications.
Fiscal Yearfiscal_yearfiscal_yearNumberA 12-month period of time to which the Annual Budget applies and at the end of which, a governmental unit determines its financial position and the results of its operations. For the City of Mesa, the fiscal year is July 1 through June 30.
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