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City Clerk

Monthly tracking of various services provided by City Clerk.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Public Records Requests for Clerk Officepublic_records_requests_for_clerk_officepublic_records_requests_for_clerk_officeNumberTotal number of public record requests submitted to the City of Mesa, excluding those for the Police Department and Development Services.
Public Records Requests City/ processed through GovQApublic_records_requests_city_processed_through_govqapublic_records_requests_city_processed_through_govqaNumberTotal number of public record requests received for the City Clerk’s Office to satisfy
In-Person Early Votes Castin_person_early_votesin_person_early_votesNumberTotal number of early voters who visit the City Clerk’s office to cast votes in-person during the early voting period.
Election Pamphlets Mailedelection_pamphlets_mailedelection_pamphlets_mailedNumberTotal number of publicity pamphlets mailed to registered households, as required by law to ensure voters receive them prior to the start of early voting. The number fluctuates by year based on whether it is an election year.
Special Projects and Research Projectsspecial_projects_and_research_projectsspecial_projects_and_research_projectsNumberUnique projects that fall outside of normal daily duties.
Records Retention Inquiriesrecords_retention_inquiriesrecords_retention_inquiriesNumberTotal number of requests for assistance received from other City staff pertaining to records retention schedules and information.
Legal Service Documents Processed (Summons, Claims, Subpoenas, Garnishments)legal_service_documentslegal_service_documentsNumberTotal number of summons, claims, subpoenas, and garnishments submitted to the City Clerk's Office and forwarded to City Attorney's Office within 24 hours.
PSPRS Retirement and DROP Participantspsprs_retirement_and_droppsprs_retirement_and_dropNumberRefers to participants in the Public Safety Personnel Retirement System (PSPRS) and Deferred Retirement Option Plan (DROP). Total number of retirement applications received from Sworn Police and Fire employees and processed within the month they are discussed and considered by the Fire and/or Police Pension Boards.
Requests for Information/Help (Non-Election)requests_for_informationrequests_for_informationNumberTotal number of requests received (from the public or internally) for information that is non-election related.
DatedatedateCalendar dateMonth Year format
Advisory Board/Committee Applications Submittedadvisory_board_committee_applications_submittedadvisory_board_committee_applications_submittedNumberTotal number of applications submitted for City of Mesa Advisory Boards or Committees.
Election Web Pages Accessedelection_web_pages_accessedelection_web_pages_accessedNumberTotal number of unique visits to the City Clerks' Election web pages.
Notaries Performednotaries_performednotaries_performedNumberTotal number of notary services provided by the City Clerk’s Office.
Candidate and Committee Campaign Finance Reportscandidate_and_committeecandidate_and_committeeNumberTotal number of Campaign Finance Reports submitted by active candidates and Political Action Committees in compliance with statutory requirements. The number fluctuates annually based on whether it is an election year.
Public Meeting Noticespublic_meeting_noticespublic_meeting_noticesNumberTotal number of meeting notices (boards, committees, etc.) posted in compliance with the Open Meeting Law, which is no less than 24-hours prior to the meeting being held.
Requests for Election-Related information and Voter Assistancerequests_for_election_related_information_and_voter_assistancerequests_for_election_related_information_and_voter_assistanceNumberTotal number of calls received that were specifically related to election information and/or voter assistance
Council Minutes Posted within Two Working Days After Council Approvalcouncil_minutes_postedcouncil_minutes_postedNumberTotal number of Council meeting minutes posted for the public within two working days after Council approval, which is in compliance with the Open Meeting Law (regular, special, committee, budget).
Financial Disclosure Reports Submitted by Candidates and City Councilfinancial_disclosurefinancial_disclosureNumberTotal number of Financial Disclosure Reports submitted by Candidates and City Council in compliance with statutory requirements. The number fluctuates by year based on whether it is an election year.
Public Safety Disability Casespublic_safety_disabilitypublic_safety_disabilityNumberTotal number of Accidental or Ordinary Disability Retirement applications received and processed by Sworn Police and Fire employees. The applications are also counted within the month they are discussed and considered by the Fire and/or Police Pension Boards.
Projects/Tasks related to GovQA software managementprojects_tasks_related_to_govqa_software_managementprojects_tasks_related_to_govqa_software_managementNumberTotal number of research projects, tasks, and updates made related to managing the GovQA software.
Inquiries/Tasks related to Advisory Boards and Committeesinquiries_tasks_related_to_advisory_boards_and_committeesinquiries_tasks_related_to_advisory_boards_and_committeesNumberTotal number of inquiries made, or tasks performed related to the management of Advisory Boards and Committees.
Ordinances Published within 24 hours after Council Adoptionordinances_published_withinordinances_published_withinNumberTotal number of Ordinances published within 24 hours after Council adoption. These adopted ordinances are uploaded to the City Clerk Enterprise Document Management System.
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