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Commercial Vacancy - All Properties

The Commercial Vacancy All Properties dataset shows a variety of current and historical data points regarding the commercial real estate availability, vacancy, and absorption across the entire City of Mesa for all commercial properties. This dataset was collected from a third-party source, CoStar, which is a commercial real estate database. CoStar is widely accepted as the trusted, industry standard for commercial real estate data, and while the City of Mesa believes this information to be accurate, we do not claim to have verified every and all information provided. If you require further explanation of some of the real estate terms used in the dataset, please visit the CoStar Terms Glossary below, which explains each term in greater detail. CoStar Terms Glossary:


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
LocationlocationlocationTextIndicates if the row is part of the Downtown area or not.
Calendar Yearcalendar_yearcalendar_yearTextThe year that the data pertains to.
Property Typeproperty_typeproperty_typeTextThe property category type including Office, Retail, Flex and Industrial, and All Properties.
Calendar Year and Quartercalendar_year_and_quartercalendar_year_and_quarterTextThe 3-month period, or quarter, that the data pertains to.
Building Inventorybuilding_inventorybuilding_inventoryNumberTotal number of existing commercial buildings in Mesa.
Building Inventory Square Footagebuilding_inventory_squarebuilding_inventory_squareNumberTotal square footage of all existing commercial property present in Mesa.
Direct Vacant Square Footagedirect_vacant_square_footagedirect_vacant_square_footageNumber
Sublet Vacant Square Footagesublet_vacant_square_footagesublet_vacant_square_footageNumber
Direct Vacancy Ratedirect_vacancy_ratedirect_vacancy_rateNumber
Sublet Vacancy Ratesublet_vacancy_ratesublet_vacancy_rateNumber
Vacancy Ratevacancy_ratevacancy_rateNumberPercentage of the Inventory Square Footage in Mesa that is vacant.
Vacant Square Footagevacant_square_footagevacant_square_footageNumberTotal square footage of all commercial property in Mesa that is vacant, or unoccupied.
Direct Available Square Footagedirect_available_square_footagedirect_available_square_footageNumber
Total Available Square Footagetotal_available_square_footagetotal_available_square_footageNumberTotal square footage of all commercial property in Mesa that is listed and available. This is regardless of whether the space is vacant or not. For example, a building may be available, but not vacant, as it may have tenants, but is still available for sale.
Sublet Available Square Footagesublet_available_square_footagesublet_available_square_footageNumber
Direct Percent Availabledirect_percent_availabledirect_percent_availableNumber
Sublet Percent Availablesublet_percent_availablesublet_percent_availableNumber
Total Percent Availabletotal_percent_availabletotal_percent_availableNumberPercentage of the Inventory Square Footage in Mesa that is available.
Direct Available Vacant Square Footagedirect_available_vacant_square_footagedirect_available_vacant_square_footageNumber
Sublet Available Vacant Square Footagesublet_available_vacant_square_footagesublet_available_vacant_square_footageNumber
Total Available Vacant Square Footagetotal_available_vacant_squaretotal_available_vacant_squareNumberTotal square footage of all commercial property in Mesa that is vacant and also available.
Direct Percent Vacant and Availabledirect_percent_vacant_and_availabledirect_percent_vacant_and_availableNumber
Sublet Percent Vacant and Availablesublet_percent_vacant_and_availablesublet_percent_vacant_and_availableNumber
Total Percent Vacant and Availabletotal_percent_vacant_andtotal_percent_vacant_andNumberPercentage of the Inventory Square Footage in Mesa that is vacant and available.
Total Square Footage Occupiedtotal_square_footage_occupiedtotal_square_footage_occupiedNumberThe amount of commercial property square footage in Mesa that is currently occupied.
Total Percent Occupiedtotal_percent_occupiedtotal_percent_occupiedNumberPercentage of the Inventory Square Footage in Mesa that is occupied.
Direct Square Footage in Net Absorptiondirect_square_footage_in_net_absorptiondirect_square_footage_in_net_absorptionNumber
Sublet Square Footage in Net Absorptionsublet_square_footage_in_net_absorptionsublet_square_footage_in_net_absorptionNumber
Total Square Footage in Net Absorptiontotal_square_footage_in_nettotal_square_footage_in_netNumberThe total amount of commercial square footage in Mesa that was net absorbed, which is the total square feet occupied less the total space vacated over a period of time.
Direct Square Footage in Gross Absorptiondirect_square_footage_in_gross_absorptiondirect_square_footage_in_gross_absorptionNumber
Sublet Square Footage in Gross Absorptionsublet_square_footage_in_gross_absorptionsublet_square_footage_in_gross_absorptionNumber
Total Square Footage in Gross Absorptiontotal_square_footage_in_grosstotal_square_footage_in_grossNumberThe total amount of commercial square footage in Mesa that was gross absorbed, which is the total square feet occupied during a given time period, without including the amount of space vacated in that same period of time.
Direct Number of Leasing Activity Dealsdirect_number_of_leasing_activity_dealsdirect_number_of_leasing_activity_dealsNumber
Sublet Number of Leasing Activity Dealssublet_number_of_leasing_activity_dealssublet_number_of_leasing_activity_dealsNumber
Total Number of Leasing Activity Dealstotal_number_of_leasingtotal_number_of_leasingNumberThe number of new leases that occurred in the given time period for all retail space.
Direct Square Footage of Leasing Activitydirect_square_footage_of_leasing_activitydirect_square_footage_of_leasing_activityNumber
Sublet Square Footage of Leasing Activitysublet_square_footage_of_leasing_activitysublet_square_footage_of_leasing_activityNumber
Total Square Footage of Leasing Activitytotal_square_footage_oftotal_square_footage_ofNumberThe total amount of square footage absorbed in the Leasing Activity Deals Total.
Number of Buildings Delivered to Marketnumber_of_buildings_deliverednumber_of_buildings_deliveredNumberThe total number of new commercial buildings that were completed in a given period of time.
Total Square Footage of Buildings Delivered to Markettotal_square_footage_of_1total_square_footage_of_1NumberThe total amount of commercial square footage delivered to the market from the completed buildings in a given period of time.
Number of Buildings Under Constructionnumber_of_buildings_undernumber_of_buildings_underNumberThe total number of new commercial buildings that are under construction in a given period of time.
Total Square Footage Under Constructiontotal_square_footage_undertotal_square_footage_underNumberThe total amount of square footage that is currently under construction in a given period of time.
Average Direct Gross Rent for Office Spaceaverage_direct_gross_rent_for_office_spaceaverage_direct_gross_rent_for_office_spaceNumber
Average Sublet Gross Rent for Office Spaceaverage_sublet_gross_rent_for_office_spaceaverage_sublet_gross_rent_for_office_spaceNumber
Average Gross Rent for Office Spaceaverage_gross_rent_for_officeaverage_gross_rent_for_officeNumberThe average gross rent cost per square foot for office space, which includes taxes, insurance and maintenance (the three nets).
All Service Type Rent Directall_service_type_rent_directall_service_type_rent_directNumber
All Service Type Rent Subletall_service_type_rent_subletall_service_type_rent_subletNumber
All Service Type Rent Overallall_service_type_rent_overallall_service_type_rent_overallNumberOverall rent for all service types
NNN Rent Directnnn_rent_directnnn_rent_directNumber
NNN Rent Subletnnn_rent_subletnnn_rent_subletNumber
NNN Rent Overallnnn_rent_overallnnn_rent_overallNumberOverall average "Three Nets" (NNN) rent cost per square foot, which does not include taxes, insurance and maintenance (the three nets).
Average Base Rent for Direct Office Spaceaverage_base_rent_for_direct_office_spaceaverage_base_rent_for_direct_office_spaceNumber
Average Base Rent for Sublet Office Spaceaverage_base_rent_for_sublet_office_spaceaverage_base_rent_for_sublet_office_spaceNumber
Average Base Rent for Office Spaceaverage_base_rent_for_officeaverage_base_rent_for_officeNumberThe average base rent cost per square foot for office space, which does not include taxes, insurance and maintenance (the three nets).
Quarter Datequarter_datequarter_dateCalendar dateThe 3-month period, or quarter, that the data pertains to in date format.
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