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Debt Service

Debt Service

Principal and interest due on City and community facilities district debt (bonds, obligations, loans, etc.).


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Pay Datepay_datepay_dateCalendar dateDate that principal and interest payments are due
PrincipalprincipalprincipalNumberPrincipal amount due on Pay Date
InterestinterestinterestNumberInterest amount due on Pay Date
Coupon Ratecoupon_ratecoupon_rateNumberInterest rate paid on the debt
Fund Descriptionfund_descriptionfund_descriptionTextDescription of City account used to track various funding sources and uses
FundfundfundTextCity account used to track various funding sources and uses, including debt service
Dated Datedated_datedated_dateCalendar dateDate that the debt was issued (sold)
Maturity Datematurity_datematurity_dateCalendar dateDate that debt principal is due to be repaid
CUSIPcusipcusipTextAlphanumeric CUSIP numbers are used to identify securities
Issue IDissue_idissue_idNumberUnique identifier for each issue (internal to City)
SumsumsumNumberSum of interest and principal amounts due on Pay Date
IssueissueissueTextAbbreviated debt issuance description
Issue Groupissue_groupissue_groupTextType of Debt (CFDs = community facilities districts, GO = General Obligation, WIFA = Water Infrastructure Finance Authority)
Tax Statustax_statustax_statusTextIndicates whether interest on the bonds is subject to federal income tax

Upstream Metadata