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DoIT - Availability of Server/Storage Platform

Dataset describing the monthly average of availability of the four data server/storage components (windows servers, Linux servers, VMware, Storage).


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
RowIdrowidrowidNumberRow number
CategorycategorycategoryTextInfrastructure category
ItemIditemiditemidNumberItem ID for Zabbix
ItemNameitemnameitemnameTextItem name in Zabbix (windows servers, Linux servers, VMware, Storage)
Event Begin Dateevent_begin_dateevent_begin_dateCalendar dateThe start date for that month’s calculation (The first day of the month)
Event Dateevent_dateevent_dateCalendar dateSpecific date (month, day, year, time) the measurement was taken
Event Monthevent_monthevent_monthTextMonth the measurement was taken
Event Yearevent_yearevent_yearNumberYear the measurement was taken
ValuevaluevalueNumberpercentage platform was available each day
DenominatordenominatordenominatorNumberUsed for Performance Measure calculation = Number of Days in the Month of the Event * Number if Items (will only show once for the entire month)
Upstream Metadata