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Library Programs

Library Programs

Total number of program attendees between all program age groups and all branches.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Capacity Percentcapacity_percentcapacity_percentNumberCapacity percent is used to analyze how well the program was attended. Capacity is calculated by dividing the people in attendance by expected attendance.
Expected Attendanceexpected_attendanceexpected_attendanceNumberExpected attendance is the estimated number of patrons the librarian / programmer would like to see attend the program.
Branch Namebranch_namebranch_nameTextName of the branch of library where event was held
Event DateTimeevent_datetimeevent_datetimeCalendar dateDate and time of the event
Age Group Option 2age_group_option_2age_group_option_2TextOptional extra targeted age group of the program
Internal Categoriesinternal_categoriesinternal_categoriesTextCategories assigned to program for stat purposes
People in Attendancepeople_in_attendancepeople_in_attendanceNumberActual count of patrons who attended program
Additional Categoriesadditional_categoriesadditional_categoriesText
Event Month Nameevent_month_nameevent_month_nameTextMonth of the event
Age Group Option 3age_group_option_3age_group_option_3TextOptional extra targeted age group of the program
Program Descriptionprogram_descriptionprogram_descriptionTextDescription of program
Program Typeprogram_typeprogram_typeTextCategorized Program type
Age Groupsage_groupsage_groupsTextAge Groups for event Options are: All Ages, Children, Teens, Adults, Early Childhood (0-5), and School Aged (5-12)
RoomroomroomTextRoom name where program will be held
Event Titleevent_titleevent_titleTextTitle or name of event
Registrant Countregistrant_countregistrant_countNumberNumber of patrons who registered for program, not every program has registration.
CapacitycapacitycapacityNumberCapacity of room
Event Yearevent_yearevent_yearTextYear of the event
Age Group Option 1age_group_option_1age_group_option_1TextOptional extra targeted age group of the program

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