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Ticket Sales Ice Rink at City Plaza

Types of tickets sold at City of Mesa’s plaza ice rink, part of the seasonal Merry Main Street events. Typical hours of operation are M-F 5-10pm, Sa-Su 12-10pm. Hours of operation may vary depending on weather and attendance patterns (i.e. early close, ice conditions, maintenance issues, etc.).


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Redeemed Dateredeemed_dateredeemed_dateCalendar dateRedemption date of ticket purchased online
Payment Processor IDpayment_processor_idpayment_processor_idTextUnique ID generated by payment system
Order IDorder_idorder_idTextUnique ID generated by system for order
Buyer Citybuyer_citybuyer_cityTextCity of ticket buyer
Ticket Net Proceedsticket_net_proceedsticket_net_proceedsNumberProceeds on purchase after any seller fees
Face Valueface_valueface_valueNumberDollar amount of ticket being purchased
PerformanceperformanceperformanceCalendar dateStart date/time of the event
BarcodebarcodebarcodeTextBarcode generated by system for each transaction
Confirmation Codeconfirmation_codeconfirmation_codeTextUnique ID generated by system for each transaction
Order Totalorder_totalorder_totalNumberTotal dollar amount paid for tickets ordered
Tickets in Ordertickets_in_ordertickets_in_orderNumberNumber of tickets purchased/ordered
Ticketleap Fees paid by Sellerticketleap_fees_paid_by_sellerticketleap_fees_paid_by_sellerNumberConvenience fee paid by seller (City) for each paid credit card transaction done at the ice rink
Venue Postal Codevenue_postal_codevenue_postal_codeTextZip code where event is located
Ticket Typeticket_typeticket_typeTextType of ticket sold
Billing Postal Codebilling_postal_codebilling_postal_codeTextZip code of billing location
Order Methodorder_methodorder_methodTextType of system ticket was purchased from
Purchase Pointpurchase_pointpurchase_pointTextWhere the ticket was purchased
Date of Purchasedate_of_purchasedate_of_purchaseCalendar dateDate and time of ticket purchase
CurrencycurrencycurrencyTextType of currency used
Venue Countryvenue_countryvenue_countryTextCountry where event took place
Venue Regionvenue_regionvenue_regionTextName of state where event is located
Performance Yearperformance_yearperformance_yearTextYear of the event
Redeemed Yearredeemed_yearredeemed_yearTextRedemption year of ticket purchased online
ReferrerreferrerreferrerTextHow was the order referred, if known
EventeventeventTextName of event for each transaction
Redeemed Monthredeemed_monthredeemed_monthTextRedemption month of ticket purchased online
RedeemedredeemedredeemedCheckboxRedemption of printed tickets that were purchased online (yes). Tickets purchased onsite would have a no response.
Year of Purchaseyear_of_purchaseyear_of_purchaseTextYear of ticket purchase
Redemption Methodredemption_methodredemption_methodTextDevice used to redeem (scan) an online ticket.
Venue Namevenue_namevenue_nameTextName of venue where event for which ticket was sold
Ticketleap Fees paid by Buyerticketleap_fees_paid_by_buyerticketleap_fees_paid_by_buyerNumberConvenience fee paid by buyer when tickets are purchased online
Ticket Order Totalticket_order_totalticket_order_totalNumberSame as face value
Buyer Countrybuyer_countrybuyer_countryTextCountry of ticket buyer
Buyer Regionbuyer_regionbuyer_regionTextState of ticket buyer
Card Typecard_typecard_typeTextCredit card type used for purchase
Performance Monthperformance_monthperformance_monthTextMonth of the event
Venue Cityvenue_cityvenue_cityTextName of city where event is located
Venue Streetvenue_streetvenue_streetTextFull street address of event for which ticket was sold
Payment Typepayment_typepayment_typeTextType of payment method used
Billing Countrybilling_countrybilling_countryTextCountry of billing location
Month of Purchasemonth_of_purchasemonth_of_purchaseTextMonth of ticket purchase
RefundedrefundedrefundedCheckboxWould indicate if any money was refunded but we do not do refunds
Buyer Postal Codebuyer_postal_codebuyer_postal_codeTextZip code of ticket buyer
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