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Transportation Pavement Inventory

This feature class identifies all roadways and parking areas that are maintained by the City of Mesa. This includes streets, intersections, parking lots, paved alleys, unpaved alleys, and dirt roads. Data are stored as a line geometry type feature class in the City Enterprise Geodatabase. The projected coordinate system is NAD 1983 State Plane Arizona Central FIPS 0202 Feet.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Condition Yearcondition_yearcondition_yearTextYear the pavement condition was surveyed
Shape Lengthshape_lengthshape_lengthNumberThis field indicates the length of the line feature in feet.
Global IDglobal_idglobal_idTextThis field is an ArcGIS System Generated ID.
Facility IDfacility_idfacility_idTextThis field is a computer-generated unique identifier used for Cityworks, which is our work management system.
Object IDobject_idobject_idNumberThis field is a computer-generated unique ID.
Sweep IDsweep_idsweep_idTextThis field indicates the sweeping route that this section of roadway or paved area is assigned to.
ConditionconditionconditionNumberWeighted Average Pavement Condition Index (PCI) as measured on a scale of 1 to 100 where 100 is best. PCI is used to indicate the general condition of a pavement, is a statistical measure and requires manual survey of the pavement.
LocationlocationlocationTextThis field identifies the name and boundaries of the section of roadway or paved area.
Is Activeis_activeis_activeCheckboxThis field indicates whether the section of roadway or parking area is currently being maintained by the City of Mesa.
Condition Datecondition_datecondition_dateCalendar dateDate the pavement condition was surveyed
Link Keylink_keylink_keyTextThis field is a unique ID created by the City of Mesa for each roadway and area of pavement maintained by the City of Mesa. The Link Key is classified by street type: arterial, collector, dirt road, intersection, parking lot, miscellaneous, other, paved alley, residential, unpaved alley, retired.
Condition Monthcondition_monthcondition_monthTextMonth the pavement condition was surveyed
Intersection Typeintersection_typeintersection_typeTextThis field describes the type of intersection: Decorative Full, Decorative Partial, Painted Bike Facility.
Sweep Bysweep_bysweep_byTextThis field indicates who this section of roadway is swept by: City of Mesa, Contractor, or Facilities.
GeometrygeometrygeometryMultiLineGeo location of line segment. From GIS attributes
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