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Water Resources Work Orders

Water Resources Work Orders

Information about work performed on Water Resources assets such as valves and hydrants


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Work Order Labor Costwork_order_labor_costwork_order_labor_costNumberTotal cost of labor
Work Order Descriptionwork_order_descriptionwork_order_descriptionTextThis field is automatically populated with the work order description selected when the work order was created.
Work Order Costwork_order_costwork_order_costNumberTotal cost of work order
Work Order Closed Month Datework_order_closed_month_datework_order_closed_month_dateCalendar date
Submit To Opened Datesubmit_to_opened_datesubmit_to_opened_dateCalendar dateDate submit to field was opened
Submit To Datesubmit_to_datesubmit_to_dateCalendar dateDate submit to field was populated
Service Interruption Ratioservice_interruption_ratioservice_interruption_ratioNumberUsed by the Water Service Interruption performance measure, this number represents the Total Number of Customer Accounts divided by the Total Number of Water Service Interruptions that month.
Requested By IDrequested_by_idrequested_by_idNumberThe unique ID of who requested the work order
Project Start Dateproject_start_dateproject_start_dateCalendar dateProject start date for the work to begin
Project IDproject_idproject_idTextAutomatically populated with unique ID for project selected
Project Finish Month Dateproject_finish_month_dateproject_finish_month_dateCalendar date
Printed Yearprinted_yearprinted_yearNumberYear the work order was printed
Printed Dateprinted_dateprinted_dateCalendar dateThis field is automatically populated with the date work order was printed
Cancelled By IDcancelled_by_idcancelled_by_idNumberUnique ID of person who cancelled work order
Cancelled Bycancelled_bycancelled_byTextField automatically populated with the login of the user who cancelled the work order
Cancel Reasoncancel_reasoncancel_reasonTextIf the work order has been canceled, this field appears and a reason is entered.
Actual Finish Month Dateactual_finish_month_dateactual_finish_month_dateCalendar date
Actual Finish Dateactual_finish_dateactual_finish_dateCalendar dateThe date and time work was actually finished
Work Order Custom Field Categorywork_order_custom_fieldwork_order_custom_fieldNumberUnique ID custom field category
Work Order Close Datework_order_close_datework_order_close_dateCalendar dateDate work order was closed
Work Completed By IDwork_completed_by_idwork_completed_by_idNumberUnique ID of person who completed the work
Work Completed Bywork_completed_bywork_completed_byTextName of person who completed the work
Submit To Opened By IDsubmit_to_opened_by_idsubmit_to_opened_by_idNumberThe unique ID of person submitted to.
Submit To IDsubmit_to_idsubmit_to_idNumberUnique ID of person the work order is submitted to
ResolutionresolutionresolutionTextSelect final outcome. This is a list field and is not populated
Requested Byrequested_byrequested_byTextThe user who requested the work order
Project Nameproject_nameproject_nameTextSelect from the drop-down list to tie the work order to a project.
Initiated Dateinitiated_dateinitiated_dateCalendar dateThe date when the work order was created
Initiated Month Dateinitiated_month_dateinitiated_month_dateCalendar date
Entity Typeentity_typeentity_typeTextThis field is automatically populated with the entity type (asset type) selected when the work order was created
Cancelled Datecancelled_datecancelled_dateTextThe date work order is canceled. This field is automatically populated with the date.
Actual Start Dateactual_start_dateactual_start_dateCalendar dateThe date and time work actually started
Actual Finish Yearactual_finish_yearactual_finish_yearNumberThe year work was actually finished
Work Order IDwork_order_idwork_order_idNumberThis field is automatically populated with the unique work order ID and cannot be changed.
SupervisorsupervisorsupervisorTextThe supervisor of person doing the work.
Submit To Opened Bysubmit_to_opened_bysubmit_to_opened_byTextName of person the submit to was opened by
Submit To Open Month Datesubmit_to_open_month_datesubmit_to_open_month_dateCalendar date
Submit To Month Datesubmit_to_month_datesubmit_to_month_dateCalendar date
Contractor IDcontractor_idcontractor_idTextUnique Contractor ID, for joining Contractor table/dataset
Actual Start Yearactual_start_yearactual_start_yearNumberThe year work actually started
Submit To Monthsubmit_to_monthsubmit_to_monthTextMonth submit to field was populated
Project Start Monthproject_start_monthproject_start_monthTextMonth the project was started
Actual Start Month Dateactual_start_month_dateactual_start_month_dateCalendar date
Work Order Closed Monthwork_order_closed_monthwork_order_closed_monthTextMonth work order was closed
Service Interruption Durationservice_interruption_durationservice_interruption_durationNumberThe length of time in hours of water service interruption if any.
Project Start Yearproject_start_yearproject_start_yearNumberYear the project was started
Initiated Byinitiated_byinitiated_byTextThe user who created the work order.
Initiated Yearinitiated_yearinitiated_yearNumberThe year the work order was created
Cancelled Month Datecancelled_month_datecancelled_month_dateText
Work Order Closed Bywork_order_closed_bywork_order_closed_byTextAutomatically populated by the person that closed the work order.
Work Order Categorywork_order_categorywork_order_categoryTextSelect the category for this work order. This field has default setting, but can be changed. This field uses a list to populate and is Enterprise wide.
Initiated by IDinitiated_by_idinitiated_by_idNumberUnique Id of person who initiated work order
From Month Datefrom_month_datefrom_month_dateText
Cycle Intervalcycle_intervalcycle_intervalNumberIdentifies the number for the cycle interval, 1, 30, etc.
Units Descriptionunits_descriptionunits_descriptionTextList of unit description, i.e. Each, Gallons, Hours, Feet, Inches, etc
Actual Finish Monthactual_finish_monthactual_finish_monthTextThe month work was actually finished
Work Order Material Costwork_order_material_costwork_order_material_costNumberTotal material cost
Work Order Closed Yearwork_order_closed_yearwork_order_closed_yearNumberYear work order was closed
Submit Tosubmit_tosubmit_toTextThe person who the work order is submitted to.
Project Finish Monthproject_finish_monthproject_finish_monthTextMonth the project was finished
Map Template Namemap_template_namemap_template_nameTextMap template name used by the work order
Map Pagemap_pagemap_pageTextUsed to automatically populate with the GIS city section and city quarter on certain point features.
Close By IDclose_by_idclose_by_idNumberLogin ID of user who closed the work order
Account Numberaccount_numberaccount_numberTextThis list is made of old RC #'s. This is an Enterprise Wide field and the list is the same for all Domains
DistrictdistrictdistrictTextEnterprise wide field. Water uses this field to designate which work group the Process Controls group did work for.
Cancelled Monthcancelled_monthcancelled_monthTextThe month work was cancelled
From Monthfrom_monthfrom_monthTextThe month breakout of the From Date value
Actual Start Monthactual_start_monthactual_start_monthTextThe month work actually started
Supervisor IDsupervisor_idsupervisor_idNumberThe unique ID of supervisor
Initiated Monthinitiated_monthinitiated_monthTextThe month the work order was created
Work Order Outputwork_order_outputwork_order_outputTextNot sure what this field is for. It is populated with A or C.
Units Accomplishedunits_accomplishedunits_accomplishedNumberTotal number of units accomplished. Waste Water group uses this field to track miles of sewer line cleaned.
Cycle Fromcycle_fromcycle_fromTextIdentifies which field the cycle will start from. Either Actual Finish Date or Projected Start Date.
Work Order Map Extentwork_order_map_extentwork_order_map_extentTextGIS Attribute that defines map extent
ShopshopshopTextEnter a shop or warehouse. This field is not used by the Water domain
Work Order Map Scalework_order_map_scalework_order_map_scaleNumberGIS Attribute that defines the map scale
Units Lockedunits_lockedunits_lockedCheckboxYes or No field to lock the units of measure so it can not be changed
Cycle Interval Unitcycle_interval_unitcycle_interval_unitTextIdentifies cycle interval, Days, Weeks, Months, or Years.
Created by Cyclecreated_by_cyclecreated_by_cycleCheckboxYes or No field and identifies if the work order was created by the preventative cyclical work orders.
PriorityprioritypriorityNumberPriority rating for the work order 1-5 with 1 being the highest priority.
Work Order Template IDwork_order_template_idwork_order_template_idNumberUnique ID of the work order template
Work Order Equipment Costwork_order_equipment_costwork_order_equipment_costNumberUnique ID custom field category
Submit To Open Monthsubmit_to_open_monthsubmit_to_open_monthTextMonth submit to open was populated
Project Start Month Dateproject_start_month_dateproject_start_month_dateCalendar date
Asset Unattachedasset_unattachedasset_unattachedCheckboxYes or No field, identifies if an asset is attached or not
Expense Typeexpense_typeexpense_typeTextMaintenance and Capital Improvement
Source Work Order IDsource_work_order_idsource_work_order_idNumberParent work order ID
Project Finish Dateproject_finish_dateproject_finish_dateCalendar dateProject date for the work to be completed
Printed Month Dateprinted_month_dateprinted_month_dateCalendar date
From Yearfrom_yearfrom_yearTextThe year breakout of the From Date value
Initiated by Appinitiated_by_appinitiated_by_appTextAutomatically populated by the app that created the work order. All records = Internal
Submit To Yearsubmit_to_yearsubmit_to_yearNumberYear submit to was populated
Project Finish Yearproject_finish_yearproject_finish_yearNumberYear the project was finished
Asset Groupasset_groupasset_groupTextEnterprise wide field. Selects a specific group within a domain. i.e. Water domain has two groups Water and Waste Water.
CancelledcancelledcancelledCheckboxCheck box to mark work order cancelled.
Work Order Permit Costwork_order_permit_costwork_order_permit_costNumberTotal permit cost
Legally Billablelegally_billablelegally_billableCheckboxCheck box selected if work legal and billable
Primary Contract IDprimary_contract_idprimary_contract_idNumberUnique ID of contractor primary contract.
Scheduled Monthscheduled_monthscheduled_monthTextMonth the work order scheduled to begin
Is It Reportableis_it_reportableis_it_reportableTextFor sanitary sewer overflow, if the event is large enough to be reportable.
From Datefrom_datefrom_dateTextThe next cycle work order will be created by either Actual Finish Date, Projected Start Date, or user can Pick a Date.
Cancelled Yearcancelled_yearcancelled_yearTextThe year work was cancelled
StagestagestageTextIdentifies whether work order is actual or proposed
Domain IDdomain_iddomain_idNumberUnique field to identify domain 1=Transportation, 2=Water, 3=Energy, 4=Facilities, 5=Parks, 10=Mesa Citywide
Contract Billablecontract_billablecontract_billableCheckboxCheck box to mark if the work order is legal billable
Number of Days Beforenumber_of_days_beforenumber_of_days_beforeNumberNumber of days before the work order is printed
Line Item Costline_item_costline_item_costNumberLists cost of a line item identified on a contract
Submit To Open Yearsubmit_to_open_yearsubmit_to_open_yearNumberYear submit to open was populated
Scheduled Yearscheduled_yearscheduled_yearTextYear the work order scheduled to begin
Printed Monthprinted_monthprinted_monthTextMonth the work order was printed
Scheduled Datescheduled_datescheduled_dateTextProjected date for the work to begin
Is Reactiveis_reactiveis_reactiveCheckboxCheck box selected if work is reactive.
Update Mapupdate_mapupdate_mapCheckboxCheck this box if work order has custom fields with new data to update GIS
StatusstatusstatusTextCondition, or situation of the work order Open, Complete, Closed etc
Scheduled Month Datescheduled_month_datescheduled_month_dateText
Mesa Census Tracts To City Boundary:@computed_region_fcpr_wj2n:@computed_region_fcpr_wj2nNumber

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