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Water Valve Maintenance

This data represents all information concerning valves maintained by the Water Resources department.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Document LinkdoclinkdoclinkTextDocument link, currently not used
Revision DaterevdaterevdateCalendar dateDate feature was last updated in GIS
Valve NumbervalvenumvalvenumTextSystem Valve Number from from WSYSVALVE table
Maintenance Month Datemaintenance_month_datemaintenance_month_dateCalendar dateDate maintenance was performed
Install DateinstalldateinstalldateCalendar dateDate of installation
Legacy IDlegacyidlegacyidTextHistoric ID of the feature
Valve Property Tagvalveproperty_tagvalveproperty_tagTextConcatenated values from VALVESEC and VALVENUM from WTValveProp table
City QuartercityquartercityquarterTextCity Section; Pulled from WQSRevis feature class
Plan StatusplanstatusplanstatusTextStatus of the source (Permitted, AsBuilt)
Rehab ReferencerehabrefrehabrefTextPlan reference for lining project
Valve StatusvalvestatusvalvestatusTextSystem Valve is normally open or closed
Serial NumberserialserialTextSerial number
Open DirectionopendiropendirTextSystem Valve open direction
Rehab YearrehabyearrehabyearTextYear lining work was done
PermaLogpermalogpermalogTextSystem Valve Permalog, yes or no
EnabledenabledenabledNumberIdentifies features that are included in the network
Rehab TyperehabtyperehabtypeTextLining material type (i.e. copper, metal, etc…)
System IntertiesysintertiesysintertieTextSystem Valve Intertie, yes or no
Condition DateconditiondateconditiondateTextDate of condition assessment
Symbol ScalesymscalesymscaleNumberSymbol scale
Flag CodeflagcdflagcdTextExtra field used for setting scale in detail boxes
Symbol NamesymnamesymnameTextSymbol name, Once was a required field for EMS Viewer; not sure we still need this field
Make of Valvemake_1make_1TextSystem Valve Make
Service ZoneservicezoneservicezoneTextService zone
Owner IDowneridowneridTextWho owns the feature
Valve ConditionconditionconditionTextNumeric value assigned to some features reflecting the condition of the asset
SubTypesubtypesubtypeNumberFeature type
Valve NumvalvenovalvenoTextSystem valve number
Maintenance Datemaint_datemaint_dateCalendar dateSystem Valve Maintenance Date
Asset IDassetidassetidTextCity Quarter; pulled from WQSRevis feature class
User who AddedadduseradduserTextUserID of editor who added feature
Operational StatusopstatusopstatusNumberOperation status; InActive is the default value; after the Letter of Acceptance or Record Drawing is received, this is changed to Active
Normal PositionnormposnormposTextNormal position; indicates if water flows or is stopped at the location
Valve IDwvalveidwvalveidTextForeign Key for joining to FacilityID in WSysValve table
Valve SizevalvesizevalvesizeNumberSize of the valve
Valve SectionvalvesecvalvesecNumberSystem valve section
Valve Property Object IDvalveproperty_objectidvalveproperty_objectidNumberUnique SDE ID from WTValveProp table
Valve Tagvalve_tagvalve_tagTextConcatenated values from VALVESEC and VALVENUM from WSYSVALVE table
Valve Locationvalve_locationvalve_locationTextStreet name the feature is situated in from WSYSVALVE table
TurnsturnsturnsNumberNumber of turns to open/close System Valve
User who RevisedrevuserrevuserTextUserID of editor who last updated feature
Plan ReferenceplanrefplanrefTextSource reference number
ModelmodelmodelTextModel number
RemarksremarksremarksTextGeneral information about a equipment not captured elsewhere
City SectioncitysectioncitysectionNumberCity Section; Pulled from WQSRevis feature class
CommentscommentscommentsTextGeneral information about a feature not captured elsewhere
ASB YearasbyearasbyearTextYear feature record drawing was completed
Maintenance Yearmaintenance_yearmaintenance_yearTextYear maintenance was performed
Maintenance Monthmaintenance_monthmaintenance_monthTextMonth maintenance was performed
Valve Property Locationvalveproperty_locationvalveproperty_locationTextSystem Valve location ties from WTValveProp table
Valve Object IDvalve_objectidvalve_objectidNumberUnique SDE ID from WSYSVALVE table
Facility IDfacilityidfacilityidTextUnique object ID
Date AddedadddateadddateCalendar dateDate feature was added to GIS
Warranty DatewarrantydatewarrantydateCalendar dateShould be warranty date, but field not populated
Symbol RotationsymrotsymrotNumberSymbol rotation
DepthdepthdepthTextDepth to nut on Fire Hydrant Valve
EnclosureenclosureenclosureNumberType of enclosure a feature is located inside of

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