Wifi Activity - City Owned Access Points

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Wifi Activity - City Owned Access Points

Wifi Activity as connected to city-owned access points. Note: only devices that connected to an SSID is listed. Note that SSID @mesa generally reflects WiFi sessions by members of the public (non city employees or city devices). Other devices that may have been in the area but did not connect are not included. Sensitive fields such as device MAC address have been scrambled and are not actual addresses. However, although these have been changed, the uniqueness and mobility of the device has been maintained for listed sessions.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Start TimestarttimestarttimeCalendar dateThe device's "Association Time" as reported from the Access Point
Mesa Census Tracts To City Boundary:@computed_region_fcpr_wj2n:@computed_region_fcpr_wj2nNumber
Geometrygeocoded_columngeocoded_columnPointGeocoded Location
Bytes to Userbytes_to_userbytes_to_userNumberThe number of bytes received by the device during the session
AP Nameap_nameap_nameTextThe Access Point's name
Bytes from Userbytes_from_userbytes_from_userNumberThe number of bytes that were sent from the device during the session
SSIDssidssidTextThe SSID that the device connected to. Some SSIDs have been replaced with generic values
EncryptionencryptionencryptionTextThe type of encryption used by the device if any
End TimeendtimeendtimeCalendar dateThe "Association Time" + the session duration
Disconnect TimedisconnecttimedisconnecttimeCalendar dateThe time that the Access Point recorded that the device disconnected
Session Durationsession_durationsession_durationNumberThe number of seconds the Access Point shows the device as connected
Session Duration Recalculatedcalcdsession_durationcalcdsession_durationNumberA re-calculated duration for this Access Point when another Access Point associated with the device
Disconnect HourdisconnecthourdisconnecthourCalendar dateThe hour of the day the session occurred
APapapTextThe Access Point's identifier
AP Macap_macap_macTextThe Access Point's MAC address
AP Locationap_locationap_locationTextThe description of where the Access Point is located if documented
Client Macclient_macclient_macTextThe device's MAC address - obfuscated
OS Typeos_typeos_typeTextThe device's OS
Disconnect Reasondisconnect_reasondisconnect_reasonTextThe 802.11 disconnect code or description

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