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BESO Time of Sale Property Status

BESO Time of Sale Property Status

This list contains the compliance status of properties subject to the BESO time of sale requirement. If your building is not listed then it is required to comply with BESO at time of sale. If the status for your property is incorrect, email For more information about the time of sale requirement please visit:


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Council Districts_uniq_prepend:@computed_region_b3wi_w8ix:@computed_region_b3wi_w8ixNumber
Building Addressbuilding_addressbuilding_addressText
Full Addressfull_addressfull_addressText
Current Statuscurrent_statuscurrent_statusTextThis is the simplified status for the time of sale requirement.
BESO Property Typebeso_property_typebeso_property_typeTextBuildings are grouped by the following property types: House 1-4 Units, Multifamily 5+ Units, Commercial, Mixed Use, Industrial, and Other
Council Districts_from_hg3u_n7v4:@computed_region_fhmw_rucx:@computed_region_fhmw_rucxNumber
Status Descriptioncurrent_time_of_sale_statuscurrent_time_of_sale_statusTextIf the status description is Deferred to Buyer (Form C) or Deferred (Form D) than an assessment is required to be submitted by the energy report due date.
Energy Report Duenext_energy_report_duenext_energy_report_dueTextDate the energy assessment is due if it has been deferred.
Council Districts_from_c8zs_8y7x:@computed_region_u3y2_d2ws:@computed_region_u3y2_d2wsNumber
Zip Codes:@computed_region_5s6d_2f32:@computed_region_5s6d_2f32Number
Police Beats:@computed_region_3ini_iehf:@computed_region_3ini_iehfNumber
Census Tracts:@computed_region_5bih_7r3y:@computed_region_5bih_7r3yNumber
Council Districts:@computed_region_x3q3_gi3e:@computed_region_x3q3_gi3eNumber

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