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Shelter-in-Place Tiered Framework Indicators

Case rates and testing positivity rates for City of Berkeley and Alameda County residents over the last 7 days with a 7-day lag.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
AlCo Adj. Case Rate Per 100,000alcocaserateper100000alcocaserateper100000NumberAlameda County Case Rate Per 100,000 Residents
COB Unadj. Case Rate Per 100,000cobcaserateper100000cobcaserateper100000NumberCity of Berkeley Case Rate Per 100,000 Residents
TiertiertierTextTier assignement for the City of Berkeley and Alameda County
Published DatedtpublisheddtpublishedTextPublished Date
COB Testing PositivitycobtestingpositivitycobtestingpositivityNumberCity of Berkeley Testing Positivity Rate
AlCo Unadj. Case Rate per 100K Residentsalco_unadjusted_case_rate_per_100k_residentsalco_unadjusted_case_rate_per_100k_residentsNumber7-day average of AlCo Unadjusted Case Rate per 100K Residents with 7-day lag
AlCo Testing PositivityalcotestingpositivityalcotestingpositivityNumberAlameda County Testing Positivity Rate

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