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Tree Gain - Annual Totals

Tree Gain - Annual Totals

Number of trees planted annually beginning in 2001. Includes the estimated total number of trees in the city for each year.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Estimated Number of City Treesestimated_number_of_city_treesestimated_number_of_city_treesNumberEstimated total # of trees in the City of Berkeley based on 2013 count - Note: In March 2013, an inventory of the public urban forest was completed. At that time, 35,417 trees and 10,620 potenital planting sites were inventoried.
Annual Tree Gainannual_tree_gainannual_tree_gainNumberNote: 2013 was the first year data was included for tree removal permits. 66 tree removals were due to autumn storms
Trees Plantedtrees_plantedtrees_plantedNumberTotal # of trees planted in a given year
Trees Removedtrees_removedtrees_removedNumberTotal # of trees removed in a given year

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