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33rd Ward Alderman Applicants - 2013

33rd Ward Alderman Applicants - 2013

Applicants to the 33rd Ward Alderman vacancy in 2013 with links to applications.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
APPOINTEDappointedappointedTextY for the applicant selected by the mayor.
MET REQUIREMENTSmet_requirementsmet_requirementsTextWhether applicants meet the requirements for preliminary review.
MIDDLE NAMEmiddle_namemiddle_nameText
FIRST NAMEfirst_namefirst_nameText
LAST NAMElast_namelast_nameText
FULL NAMEfull_namefull_nameText
APPLICATIONapplicationapplicationURLLink to the application in PDF format.

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