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Beach Water Quality - Automated Sensors

The Chicago Park District maintains sensors in the water at beaches along Chicago's Lake Michigan lakefront. These sensors generally capture the indicated measurements hourly while the sensors are in operation during the summer. During other seasons and at some other times, information from the sensors may not be available. See for a dataset with land-based weather measurements at selected beaches. The sensor locations are listed at

Please note that sensor locations change with the Park District’s operational needs, primarily related to water quality. For more information on beach operations, please see


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Battery Lifebattery_lifebattery_lifeNumberBattery voltage, an indicator of remaining battery life used by the Chicago Park District to know when batteries should be replaced.
Measurement Timestampmeasurement_timestampmeasurement_timestampCalendar dateThe date and time when the measurements were taken.
Transducer Depthtransducer_depthtransducer_depthNumberTransducer depth in meters.
Measurement Timestamp Labelmeasurement_timestamp_labelmeasurement_timestamp_labelTextThe Last Updated value in text format, suitable for use in the Visualize function.
Beach Namebeach_namebeach_nameText
Water Temperaturewater_temperaturewater_temperatureNumberWater temperature in Celsius degrees.
Measurement IDmeasurement_idmeasurement_idTextA unique record ID made up of the Beach Name and Measurement Timestamp.
TurbidityturbidityturbidityNumberWater turbidity in Nephelometric Turbidity Units (NTU),
Wave Periodwave_periodwave_periodNumberWave period in seconds.
Wave Heightwave_heightwave_heightNumberWave height in meters.
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