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Beach Weather Stations - Automated Sensors

The Chicago Park District maintains weather sensors at beaches along Chicago's Lake Michigan lakefront. These sensors generally capture the indicated measurements hourly while the sensors are in operation during the summer. During other seasons and at some other times, information from the sensors may not be available. See for a dataset with similar measurements on the lake water, itself. The sensor locations are listed at


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Air Temperatureair_temperatureair_temperatureNumberAir Temperature in Celsius degrees.
Battery Lifebattery_lifebattery_lifeNumberBattery voltage, an indicator of remaining battery life used by the Chicago Park District to know when batteries should be replaced.
HumidityhumidityhumidityNumberPercent relative humidity.
Rain Intensityrain_intensityrain_intensityNumberRain intensity in mm per hour.
Maximum Wind Speedmaximum_wind_speedmaximum_wind_speedNumberMaximum wind speed in the two-minute period immediately preceding the time the record was reported.
Interval Raininterval_raininterval_rainNumberRain since the last hourly measurement, in mm.
Solar Radiationsolar_radiationsolar_radiationNumberSolar radiation in watts per square meter.
Precipitation Typeprecipitation_typeprecipitation_typeNumber0 = No precipitation 60 = Liquid precipitation, e.g. rain - Ice, hail and sleet are transmitted as rain (60). 70 = Solid precipitation, e.g. snow 40 = unspecified precipitation
Wet Bulb Temperaturewet_bulb_temperaturewet_bulb_temperatureNumberWet bulb temperature in Celsius degrees.
HeadingheadingheadingNumberThe current heading of the wind-measurement unit. The ideal value to get the most accurate measurements is true north (0 degrees) and the unit is manually adjusted, as necessary, to keep it close to this heading
Barometric Pressurebarometric_pressurebarometric_pressureNumberBarometric pressure in hPa.
Total Raintotal_raintotal_rainNumberTotal rain since midnight in mm.
Measurement Timestamp Labelmeasurement_timestamp_labelmeasurement_timestamp_labelTextThe Last Updated value in text format, suitable for use in the Visualize function.
Measurement Timestampmeasurement_timestampmeasurement_timestampCalendar dateThe date and time when the measurements were taken.
Wind Speedwind_speedwind_speedNumberWind speed in meters per second at the time the record was reported.
Wind Directionwind_directionwind_directionNumberWind direction in degrees.
Station Namestation_namestation_nameText
Measurement IDmeasurement_idmeasurement_idTextA unique record ID made up of the Station Name and Measurement Timestamp.
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