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Budget - 2018 Budget Ordinance - Positions and Salaries

The Annual Appropriation Ordinance is the final City operating budget as approved by the City Council. It reflects the City’s operating budget at the beginning of the fiscal year on January 1, 2018.

This dataset displays the positions and related salaries detailed in the budget as of January 1. It is extracted from the personnel portion of the Appropriation Ordinance. The dataset presents the position titles (without names) and salaries described in the budget, but does not provide a reflection of the current city workforce with full names and salaries.

Disclaimer: the “Total Budgeted Units” column displays either A) the number of employees AND vacancies associated with a given position, or B) the number of budgeted units (ie. hours/months) for that position. “Position Control” determines whether Total Budgeted Units column will count employees and vacancies or hours/months. If a Position Control is 1, then employees and vacancies are displayed; if a Position Control is 0, then the total number of hours/months recorded is displayed.

For information on the current city workforce, with names, positions and salaries, visit the "Current Employee Names, Salaries, and Position Titles" dataset:


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
SUB-SECTION DESCRIPTIONsub_section_descriptionsub_section_descriptionText
DIVISION DESCRIPTIONdivision_descriptiondivision_descriptionText
ORGANIZATION DESCRIPTIONorganization_descriptionorganization_descriptionText
FUND DESCRIPTIONfund_descriptionfund_descriptionText
FUND CODEfund_codefund_codeText
BUDGETED UNITbudgeted_unitbudgeted_unitText
BARGAINING UNITbargaining_unitbargaining_unitNumber
POSITION CONTROLposition_controlposition_controlNumber
FUND TYPEfund_typefund_typeText
SCHEDULE / GRADEschedule_gradeschedule_gradeText
TOTAL BUDGETED AMOUNTtotal_budgeted_amounttotal_budgeted_amountNumber
DEPARTMENT CODEdepartment_codedepartment_codeNumber
DEPARTMENT DESCRIPTIONdepartment_descriptiondepartment_descriptionText
BUDGETED PAY RATEbudgeted_pay_ratebudgeted_pay_rateNumber
TOTAL BUDGETED UNITtotal_budgeted_unittotal_budgeted_unitNumber
TITLE DESCRIPTIONtitle_descriptiontitle_descriptionText
TITLE CODEtitle_codetitle_codeText
DIVISION CODEdivision_codedivision_codeText
ORGANIZATION CODEorganization_codeorganization_codeText
SECTION CODEsection_codesection_codeText
SUB-SECTION CODEsub_section_codesub_section_codeText
SECTION DESCRIPTIONsection_descriptionsection_descriptionText
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