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Chicago Energy Benchmarking - Covered Buildings

The full list of buildings required to comply with the Chicago Energy Benchmarking Ordinance. As of 2016, this list includes all commercial, institutional, and residential buildings larger than 50,000 square feet. The information in this dataset should be used by building owners / managers or other building representatives to determine if your property needs to comply by the annual deadline of June 1st. This data can also be used to look up your property's unique 6-digit Chicago Energy Benchmarking ID, which is required for compliance. (The ID is also included the notification letters sent by the City.)

The Energy Benchmarking Ordinance calls on existing municipal, commercial, and residential buildings larger than 50,000 square feet to track whole-building energy use, report to the City annually, and verify data accuracy every three years. The law, which phases in from 2014-2017, covers less than 1% of Chicago’s buildings, which account for approximately 20% of total energy used by all buildings. For more details, including ordinance text, rules and regulations, and timing, please visit

Note that the ordinance authorizes the City to make individual building data readily-available to the public, beginning with the second year in which a building is covered. The Covered Buildings List is distinct from the publicly-shared energy use data, and does not include energy use or any other information reported in the benchmarking process. For the building-specific energy use dataset, see

If your property is on this list, and you do not believe you are covered by the ordinance, please submit the appropriate online exemption form at: If your property is not on the list, and it meets the compliance criteria, please check for any alternative building addresses. If the building is still not found, please submit the Building ID Request Form ( The Chicago Energy Benchmarking Help Center can assist with any other questions, and can be reached at (855)858-6878, or by email:

This dataset will be refreshed periodically as additional information becomes available. It is advisable to use the then-current version of any dataset, if possible.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Location (zip)location_ziplocation_zipText
LocationlocationlocationPointProperty Location.
LongitudelongitudelongitudeNumberProperty Longitude.
Census Tracts:@computed_region_bdys_3d7i:@computed_region_bdys_3d7iNumber
Historical Wards 2003-2015:@computed_region_awaf_s7ux:@computed_region_awaf_s7uxNumber
Cohort - Sectorcohort_sectorcohort_sectorTextThe primary space use type component of the compliance cohort.
Community Area Numbercommunity_area_numbercommunity_area_numberNumberProperty community area number.
Location (city)location_citylocation_cityText
Verification Yearverification_yearverification_yearNumberYear of next required data verification.
WardwardwardNumberProperty ward.
Boundaries - ZIP Codes:@computed_region_rpca_8um6:@computed_region_rpca_8um6Number
ZipzipzipTextProperty ZIP code.
LatitudelatitudelatitudeNumberProperty Latitude.
Building IDbuilding_idbuilding_idNumberA 6-digit unique identifier assigned to each property covered by the Chicago Energy Benchmarking Ordinance for tracking and identification purposes.
AddressaddressaddressTextProperty street address.
Cohort - Sizecohort_sizecohort_sizeTextThe gross floor area component of the compliance cohort.
Zip Codes:@computed_region_6mkv_f3dw:@computed_region_6mkv_f3dwNumber
Community Areas:@computed_region_vrxf_vc4k:@computed_region_vrxf_vc4kNumber
Location (address)location_addresslocation_addressText
Community Area Namecommunity_area_namecommunity_area_nameTextProperty community area name.
Location (state)location_statelocation_stateText
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