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Chicago Microlending Institute (CMI) Microloans - Summary by Ethnicity and Gender

To improve access to capital, the City of Chicago seeded a $2MM revolving loan fund and partnered with Accion to create the Chicago Microlending Institute (CMI). There is a full list of loans in the dataset. Certain data elements could not be included for privacy reasons but are summarized in this dataset. Loans without a date are not included in the summary.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Loan Yearloan_yearloan_yearNumber
Borrower Genderborrower_genderborrower_genderTextA value of "Both" indicates a co-owned business with at least one male and at least one female owner.
Borrower Ethnicityborrower_ethnicityborrower_ethnicityText
Number of Loansnumber_of_loansnumber_of_loansNumber
  • chicago_microlending_institute_cmi_microloans
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