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Chicago Population Counts

Chicago Population Counts

Population totals for groupings commonly used in other datasets.

Not all values are available for all years.

Note that because the "Citywide" rows roll up the values from the individual ZIP Codes and the "Age 12-17," "Age 18+," and "Age 65+" columns overlap other age categories, as well as each other in some cases, care should be taken in summing values to avoid accidental double-counting. The "Age 12-17" column only includes children who live in households.

Data Sources: U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey 5-year estimates (ZIP Code) and 1-year estimates (Citywide)


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Population - Age 40-49population_age_40_49population_age_40_49Number
Population - Age 30-39population_age_30_39population_age_30_39Number
Population - Age 18-29population_age_18_29population_age_18_29Number
Population - Age 0-17population_age_0_17population_age_0_17Number
Population - Age 18+populationage_18populationage_18NumberNote that this column is provided as a convenience and overlaps previous columns.
Population - Latinxpopulation_latinxpopulation_latinxNumber
Geography Typegeography_typegeography_typeTextThe type of geographic unit for the population count.
Population - Malepopulation_malepopulation_maleNumber
Population - Other Race Non-Latinxpopulation_other_race_nonpopulation_other_race_nonNumber
GeographygeographygeographyTextThe specific geographic unit.
Population - Asian Non-Latinxpopulation_asian_non_latinxpopulation_asian_non_latinxNumber
Population - Age 12-17population_age_12_17population_age_12_17NumberNote that this column is provided as a convenience and overlaps previous columns and that it only includes children who live in households.
Population - Totalpopulation_totalpopulation_totalNumber
Population - Femalepopulation_femalepopulation_femaleNumber
Population - Age 65+populationage_65populationage_65NumberNote that this column is provided as a convenience and overlaps previous columns.
Population - Black Non-Latinxpopulation_black_non_latinxpopulation_black_non_latinxNumber
Population - White Non-Latinxpopulation_white_non_latinxpopulation_white_non_latinxNumber
Record IDrecord_idrecord_idTextA unique ID for the record.
YearyearyearNumberThe year to which the population count applies.
Population - Age 80+population_age_80population_age_80Number
Population - Age 70-79population_age_70_79population_age_70_79Number
Population - Age 60-69population_age_60_69population_age_60_69Number
Population - Age 50-59population_age_50_59population_age_50_59Number

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