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COPA Cases - By Complainant or Subject

Complaints received by the Civilian Office of Police Accountability and its predecessor agency.

A case will generate multiple rows, sharing the same LOG_NO if there are multiple complainants or subjects. Each row in this dataset is a complainant or subject in a specific case.

Other than identifying the Log Number associated with an investigation being conducted by the Bureau of Internal Affairs section of the Chicago Police Department, information regarding such investigations is not included in this data set.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
COMPLAINT_DATEcomplaint_datecomplaint_dateCalendar dateThe date that the complaint or notification was made to IPRA/COPA and the record was created.
AGE_OF_COMPLAINANTage_of_complainantage_of_complainantTextThe age of the complainant or subject.
COMPLAINT_HOURcomplaint_hourcomplaint_hourNumberThe hour of the day component of COMPLAINT_DATE.
CASE_TYPEcase_typecase_typeTextWhether a case is a complaint, a notification, or miscellaneous.
FINDING_CODEfinding_codefinding_codeTextThe overall current case finding, ranked by the following hierarchy: Sustained, Not Sustained, Unfounded, Exonerated, No Affidavit, and No Finding. “Current_Finding” means that even after COPA has completed an investigation and made a recommended finding, the finding can change given post-COPA processes, including Police Department review, Police Board adjudication, and grievance and arbitration processes.
CURRENT_CATEGORYcurrent_categorycurrent_categoryTextThe category of the primary allegation against the involved CPD member.
ASSIGNMENTassignmentassignmentTextThe jurisdictional assignment for the complaint case.
CURRENT_STATUScurrent_statuscurrent_statusTextThe current status of the case investigation, as of the date the data were last published.
SEX_OF_COMPLAINANTsex_of_complainantsex_of_complainantTextThe sex of the complainant or subject.
POLICE_SHOOTINGpolice_shootingpolice_shootingTextWhether or not the case is a police shooting.
RACE_OF_COMPLAINANTrace_of_complainantrace_of_complainantTextThe race or ethnicity of the complainant or subject.
COMPLAINT_MONTHcomplaint_monthcomplaint_monthNumberThe month component of COMPLAINT_DATE.
LOG_NOlog_nolog_noTextA unique identifier for the case record. The log number can be used to link records in other datasets that contain a log number column.
BEATbeatbeatTextThe CPD beat in which the incident occurred. If more than one beat was involved, the values are separated by the pipe () character.
COMPLAINT_DAYcomplaint_daycomplaint_dayNumberThe day of the week component of COMPLAINT_DATE. Sunday=1
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