COVID-19 Daily Cases, Deaths, and Hospitalizations

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COVID-19 Daily Cases, Deaths, and Hospitalizations

NOTE: Starting 2/8/2021, this dataset has been modified to include cases with positive antigen tests. This change may impact historical numbers for individual days going back to 3/1/2020.

NOTE: 8/14/2020: This dataset has been modified to include hospitalization columns, in addition to the previously existing case and death columns.

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Only Chicago residents are included based on the home ZIP Code, as provided by the medical provider, or the address, as provided by the Cook County Medical Examiner.

Cases with a positive molecular (PCR) or antigen test are included in this dataset. Cases are counted on the date the test specimen was collected. Deaths are those occurring among cases based on the day of death. Hospitalizations are based on the date of first hospitalization. Only one hospitalization is counted for each case. Demographic data are based on what is reported by medical providers or collected by CDPH during follow-up investigation.

Because of the nature of data reporting to CDPH, hospitalizations will be blank for recent dates They will fill in on later updates when the data are received, although, as for cases and deaths, may continue to be updated as further data are received.

All data are provisional and subject to change. Information is updated as additional details are received and it is, in fact, very common for recent dates to be incomplete and to be updated as time goes on. At any given time, this dataset reflects data currently known to CDPH.

Numbers in this dataset may differ from other public sources due to definitions of COVID-19-related cases, deaths, and hospitalizations, sources used, how cases, deaths and hospitalizations are associated to a specific date, and similar factors.

Data Source: Illinois National Electronic Disease Surveillance System, Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Cases - Totalcases_totalcases_totalNumber
Cases - Age 60-69cases_age_60_69cases_age_60_69Number
Hospitalizations - Age 70-79hospitalizations_age_70_79hospitalizations_age_70_79Number
Hospitalizations - Asian Non-Latinxhospitalizations_asian_non_latinxhospitalizations_asian_non_latinxNumber
Deaths - Age 60-69deaths_60_69_yrsdeaths_60_69_yrsNumber
Deaths - White Non-Latinxdeaths_white_non_latinxdeaths_white_non_latinxNumber
Deaths - Unknown Genderdeaths_unknown_genderdeaths_unknown_genderNumber
Deaths - Unknown Race/Ethnicitydeaths_unknown_race_ethdeaths_unknown_race_ethNumber
Cases - Black Non-Latinxcases_black_non_latinxcases_black_non_latinxNumber
Deaths - Age 50-59deaths_50_59_yrsdeaths_50_59_yrsNumber
Cases - Age 18-29cases_age_18_29cases_age_18_29Number
Deaths - Age 80+deaths_80_yrsdeaths_80_yrsNumber
Cases - Age 0-17cases_age_0_17cases_age_0_17Number
Hospitalizations - Age 40-49hospitalizations_age_40_49hospitalizations_age_40_49Number
Hospitalizations - Totalhospitalizations_totalhospitalizations_totalNumber
Cases - Other Race Non-Latinxcases_other_non_latinxcases_other_non_latinxNumber
Deaths - Age 40-49deaths_40_49_yrsdeaths_40_49_yrsNumber
Deaths - Femaledeaths_femaledeaths_femaleNumber
Deaths - Maledeaths_maledeaths_maleNumber
Hospitalizations - Malehospitalizations_malehospitalizations_maleNumber
Hospitalizations - Unknown Race/Ethnicityhospitalizations_unknown_race_ethnicityhospitalizations_unknown_race_ethnicityNumber
Cases - Age 70-79cases_age_70_79cases_age_70_79Number
Hospitalizations - Age 50-59hospitalizations_age_50_59hospitalizations_age_50_59Number
Hospitalizations - Age 30-39hospitalizations_age_30_39hospitalizations_age_30_39Number
Deaths - Black Non-Latinxdeaths_black_non_latinxdeaths_black_non_latinxNumber
Deaths - Latinxdeaths_latinxdeaths_latinxNumber
Cases - Unknown Gendercases_unknown_gendercases_unknown_genderNumber
Cases - Femalecases_femalecases_femaleNumber
Hospitalizations - Femalehospitalizations_femalehospitalizations_femaleNumber
Cases - Age 50-59cases_age_50_59cases_age_50_59Number
Cases - Age 80+casesage_80casesage_80Number
Cases - Age 40-49cases_age_40_49cases_age_40_49Number
Cases - Age 30-39cases_age_30_39cases_age_30_39Number
Deaths - Age 0-17deaths_0_17_yrsdeaths_0_17_yrsNumber
Deaths - Other Race Non-Latinxdeaths_other_non_latinxdeaths_other_non_latinxNumber
Hospitalizations - Age Unknownhospitalizations_age_unknownhospitalizations_age_unknownNumber
Cases - Age Unknowncases_age_unknowncases_age_unknownNumber
Deaths - Age 30-39deaths_30_39_yrsdeaths_30_39_yrsNumber
Hospitalizations - Age 0-17hospitalizations_age_0_17hospitalizations_age_0_17Number
Deaths - Totaldeaths_totaldeaths_totalNumber
Deaths - Asian Non-Latinxdeaths_asian_non_latinxdeaths_asian_non_latinxNumber
Cases - Malecases_malecases_maleNumber
Cases - Latinxcases_latinxcases_latinxNumber
Deaths - Age 18-29deaths_18_29_yrsdeaths_18_29_yrsNumber
Datelab_report_datelab_report_dateCalendar dateCase or death date. Blank indicates unknown date. Case dates indicate the date the test specimen was collected. Death dates are the date the death occurred.
Cases - Asian Non-Latinxcases_asian_non_latinxcases_asian_non_latinxNumber
Cases - White Non-Latinxcases_white_non_latinxcases_white_non_latinxNumber
Cases - Unknown Race/Ethnicitycases_unknown_race_ethcases_unknown_race_ethNumber
Deaths - Age Unknowndeaths_unknown_agedeaths_unknown_ageNumber
Deaths - Age 70-79deaths_70_79_yrsdeaths_70_79_yrsNumber
Hospitalizations - Age 60-69hospitalizations_age_60_69hospitalizations_age_60_69Number
Hospitalizations - Age 80+hospitalizationsage_80hospitalizationsage_80Number
Hospitalizations - Latinxhospitalizations_latinxhospitalizations_latinxNumber
Hospitalizations - Black Non-Latinxhospitalizations_black_non_latinxhospitalizations_black_non_latinxNumber
Hospitalizations - White Non-Latinxhospitalizations_white_non_latinxhospitalizations_white_non_latinxNumber
Hospitalizations - Other Race Non-Latinxhospitalizations_other_race_non_latinxhospitalizations_other_race_non_latinxNumber
Hospitalizations - Unknown Genderhospitalizations_unknown_genderhospitalizations_unknown_genderNumber
Hospitalizations - Age 18-29hospitalizations_age_18_29hospitalizations_age_18_29Number

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